Wednesday, October 13, 2010


"These are the moments I thank God that I'm alive.  And these are the moments I'll remember all my life.  I've found all I've waited for.  And I could not ask for more!"

Where is Waylon at?  No seriously...where did he go?  That's right....we have learned to not even blink over here in the Pearce residence.  That is for two reason.  The first is that our tiny little miracle is changing every day and time is just zooming by.  No matter how much I try to be strategic and plan out my days, I just always feel like there isn't enough time to spend with my little man.  I want to cherish each second that we share and never leave his side. (Yes, I know that this is not only impossible but also, in a few years...I'm pretty sure Waylon isn't going to want his cling-on Mommy right there to share in his first day of school or first date).  But, we are definitely enjoying this stage in Waylon's life and I wouldn't mind being able to freeze time for just a few months.  The second reason is that this guy is a full blown CRAWLER!  Oh yeah...we are quickly realizing that our 'totally safe house' should come with a caution sign.  We have been spending a lot of time these days plugging outlets, picking things off the floor, moving things to higher shelves and wiping away Waylon's tears when he is crying from bumping his head yet once again.  We thought our doctor was kidding when he said to try to keep Waylon from killing himself....apparently, that was real advice.  YIKES
Height: 29.5 inches 96th Percentile
Weight: 23.5 pounds 96th Percentile
Clothes: 12 months
Shoes: Size 4
Diapers: Size 4

At seven months....
- Waylon is a clapper!!!  And a really good one I might add with those big hands of his!
- Waylon loves to give high fives...mostly with Daddy!
- Waylon is already an outdoors man.  The other night, we were driving home and he got a little fussy.  We weren't in a hurry  so we pulled over into the parking lot at Clovis North and let Waylon play in the grass for the first time.  Just like Mommy's hair...he liked to pull it out!

Being outside seems to just calm him down.  Waylon also spent some time building his leg muscles with Daddy and staring at the football field.  I have a little feeling, a lot of our time will be spent here in the future.  I'm glad we are just talking about it for now!

- The mini-man is trying more and more foods.  A couple of his newest favorites are pumpkin and pears. 
- His sweet, sweet, laughter is happening more and more.  He laughs at a lot of things but right now...he thinks Mommy is the funniest person alive.  (I love this).  Here is a video of him just going crazy!

And while his laughter is more abundant in our are his tears!  Whether is be because he wants Mommy's phone and I take it away or because he hit his head on the table or floor once again, it is truly a privilege to be there for him and comfort him in anyway possible!  (Luckily, I still have the goods to calm him down in almost ANY situation)
- He LOVES wires!  He likes to pull them out of the wall or even just put them in his mouth.  Maybe he is going to be an electrician!
- Waylon loves water!  He loves taking a warm bath with Mommy or rinsing in the shower with Daddy.  He likes to play with his large and colorful numbers and letters in there and chew on them too. 
- He loves loud toys, banging on them, and of course...putting them in his mouth! BUT...he also loves tags, shoes, and bras! 
-  He just started reaching out when he wants to be held!  I don't care what else is going on in the world...when Waylon does this to me, time stops and my heart just melts.
- He still has a toothless smile!
- He can now say and often yells "Da, Da, Da, Da, Da".

Well...our seven month old baby (WOW...that sounds crazy) has taught us so much and changed our lives in every way.  But, the number one thing I have learned from Waylon, is how to love...MORE!  I now fully understand unconditional love and what love really means.  I would do anything and everything for my Mini-man and no matter how many times he goes potty on me, wakes me up at night, or pulls my hair, he will always hold my heart in his hands.  I also now love my husband more than ever.  AND....I am so much more appreciative of him.  A baby is A LOT OF WORK (YES....totally all worth it).  But, I am so thankful I have a man that not only helps with the responsibilities of our Mini-man but also takes care of me.  God must REALLY love me to give me such amazing men to love and who love me so much in return!  Thank you Jesus, for my incredible little family!
Happy Seven Month Birthday Waylon!   You are our amazing little Super Stud!
Of course Mommy and Daddy got him a gift!  Have we met??? :)