Wednesday, March 9, 2011


1 year!  ONE YEAR!  There is just NO way that my Little Way is 1 year old today! It just blows my mind.  My baby, my Mini Man is now 1. 
A year ago today, I woke up to contractions at 6:30 and we were blessed beyond imaginable at exactly 3:30pm with a perfect baby boy.  It truly was love at first sight. 

Our world changed in just one second and my heart could never had been prepared for the amount of love I felt in that instant.  Waylon Lawrence Pearce immediately became our everything.  Since that moment, our lives have revolved around him each and every second.  Everything we do and every decision we make is ALL about what is best for our Mini Man...and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Being a parent is far beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of.  I still cannot believe that the Lord entrusted us with such a perfect blessing to raise and love and learn from.  And while Waylon is truly our Ginny Pig Baby....and we are far from perfect parents, I think we are doing good at the most important facts of all.  Waylon is Happy, Healthy, and I am pretty sure he knows he is so so so so so so loved!

Today, I wish I could say I am just so thrilled to see my BABY boy turn 1, but it is of course bittersweet!  It is a clear reminder that my ever changing and growing baby will eventually be an adult all in himself.  But, no matter how old he gets and how much bigger than me he gets...he WILL ALWAYS BE MY MINI MAN!

Happy 1st birthday Mini Man!  We are spending today (not writing a blog) as a family watching Toy Story 2

 and visiting the animals at the zoo!  Waylon, your Daddy and I are so excited to spend your special day with you!  Thank you for all the love you have brought to our home and the extreme amount of joy your have brought to our lives.  YOU ARE OUR BIGGEST BLESSING FROM GOD EVER!!  We love you!