Thursday, May 23, 2013

10 things I know FOR SURE at 30

1. Who you marry is the biggest decision you will ever make in your life. (besides accepting the Lord as your Savior). This is your partner is crime, your shoulder to cry one, your BEST friend, your honest Abe, your biggest cheerleader, your sounding board, and your TEAM!  CHOOSE WISELY!

2. Real, true, loyal friends are RARE! Very, very rare! Super sad but very true.

3. Being a GOOD and DEDICATED mom is the most important and rewarding job I have ever or will ever do. This is because NO ONE knows my babies like I do…NO ONE.

4. God’s timeline and plans are different from mine. OH RATS.  Good thing he knows what is BEST. 

5. Time is what I need MORE of!

6. Our country doesn’t need more laws…it needs more God.

7. Women should be smart AND pretty. Wear heels, know your math facts, and put on some lipstick.

8. Lowering your standards is NEVER a good choice.

9. Money is only as important as you make it.

10. Coffee and wine make me a better mom.