Friday, June 29, 2012

Wesson "BUG A LUG" Pearce ~ 2 MONTHS

That's right....this precious face is now two months old! AHHH...slow down time and Bug...stop growing! You are like a weed! I have always said 2 months is one of my favorite stages...and you have completely reminded me why..."you only have eyes for MAMA"!
You will spot me from across the room and a gigantic smile will just pop up on your face! You will even stare at me when some one else is holding you! AND I JUST LOVE IT! Now, I am not nieve...I know it is because I am the one with the food! But, I am enjoying every single second, I know this too shall pass!
Weight: 14.2 pounds 90th percentile
Length: 24 inches 80th percentile
Clothes size: 3 or 6 months
Shoe size: 1
Diaper size: 2
Oh and you have a little herniated belly button. 
But Dr. Lattin assures us it will go down on its own!

So at two months, you are developing quite the cute personality.
Here is you after your brother used your head as a sticker book!!  BUT....You are SO SWEET and a SNUGGLE BUG!  You love the be held and cuddle ALL DAY!  I call you my favorite accessory because I am always wearing you in my baby bjorn!  You are getting pretty heavy but I do love having you so close!  You are also getting stronger and stronger and you can easily hold up your head.  Here is you kicking tummy time's ass!!
You are now grabbing objects like toys and Mama's hair and when you get quickly kick your legs and swing you arms! 
You coo when you are excited too and make noises that are just giving me a sneak peak at your precious voice and what it will be like when can really "tell me all about it".
You are still sleeping with Mama and Dada and usually eat twice a night!  But, you quickly get those snacks at 2 and 5 and then crash back out!!  You love to sleep with your brother too!
You eat about every 2 hours not during the day and depending on your mood...sometime you would rather have a bottle and other times you would rather nurse.  But, pretty much you just want to EAT!  You are working on getting big like you brother so you can play!!  The bond you share with your brother is continuing to grow and the two of you share a lot more snuggles and kisses than you did when you first arrived.  Waylon is coming around and really starting to enjoy being your BIG brother!
THere is always a huge debate on who a baby looks like.  We have gone back and forth.  And while we agreed you do look different than your brother did...this picture cleared up any questions and gave Mama a CLEAR VICTORY!  You look like your MAMA!  But dont you are built like Dada! :)
We have had another busy and crazy and fun month!  Birthday parties for Grandma,
Uncle Steve and Auntie C
 Father's day for your dada where we louged around and swam all day just the four of us!

 Uncle JT's Wedding
Boating and a weekend away at Shaver with Grammy, Papa, Auntie C and Auntie Stephers!

A trip to Storyland when your cousin Jaxson was here from Oklahoma
a day getting some snuggles from Papa

an evening at Grandmas with your cousin Jensen
 and MANY MANY MANY precious moments of you stealing Mama's heart and taking her breath away my handsome baby bug!

 I love you more than life!  I love watching you sleep, breath, smile, stare at your brother, concentrate and the feeling of your tiny hand as it wraps around my finger.  My unconditional and huge amount of love for you is something you will never completely understand.  I don't take a second of being your Mama forgranted.  You mean everything to me and being with you and watching you grow is my biggest priority.  I would do anything for you and know that with the Lord, you will do GREAT and MARVELOUS things in this world.  I have dreamed of the man you will become since we got word on November 11, 2011, that you were going to be a BOY...and it brings me such joy to watch you develop and demonstrate the boy God created for me to love!   You are PERFECT my Wesson Lee....from your head to your rump to the tips of your toes!  And while we are far from the perfect are the most loved baby brother in the whole wide world!  THIS I PROMISE!!
Happy 2 month birthday My Bug-A-Lug!! 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Painting, Painting, and Painting!

We have spent almost ALL DAY painting!  My Mini Man can be one wild little man.  So, in order to keep him out of trouble and me sane...I often try to give him activities to keep him busy and excited!  Today, we took the bull by the horns and PAINTED ALL DAY!

So here is how it went! I LOVE THE DOLLAR STORE!!  Last week, I bought two wooden ornaments for my Mini to paint!  CHEAP AND EASY!  So while the weather was nice this morning...we stepped outside and enjoyed some fresh air!  Mini picked the car ornament for today.

That was just our warm up!  We then did the NO mess finger paints on the window!  Looks kind of like stained glass.  Mini got quite the kick out of this!   I left it up still.  I figure it will last a couple days and he could go back to it whenever he got creative!
"This is fun!"

He handsome man~

Then Mini headed in for nap and I headed to check my Pinterest boards.  I realized the fourth of July is around the corner and it was time to start crafting for the holiday!  So we started with
Step 1:  Take three cupcake holders and color or paint them!  Don't forget the glitter!   Let them dry!
Step 2:  get out the star cookie cutters, dip them in paint and push them hard against the paper!

Mini wanted to do white, red and blue!

 Finally, once they were all dry, we cut the cupcake holders, added some glue on the back and stuck them on the stars! 
Next, anyone who knows my Mini knows there is hardly anything he loves as much as MONSTER TRUCKS!  We got the idea of using Monster Trucks to paint and have painted with them before but this time we added some USA love to it!
We painted red strips on white paper,
added some white "stars" on blue paper,
and then once they were dry, cut the blue paper and glued it on the look like the AMERICAN flag!

Lastly, and probably Mini's favorite!  We kept the Trucks out and used them to paint and old, white, stained, tee! 

Daddy came walk through the door!  Hey Dada!
Added a "W" for a little personalized and here is the Finished product!  He is pretty stoked to wear it!

All these had EASY clean up and were things I had around the house! 

We had one fun and busy Monday!  I just love my Mommy~Mini Days!  Just can't wait until my Bug-A-Lug can join in on the fun!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Daddy's Little Girl

I have ALWAYS been my "daddy's little girl"! 

Shoot....that is even the song we danced to at my wedding!  You see, I have the kind of daddy that EVERY girl dreams of having.  He is supportive, encouraging, funny, strong and FULL OF LOVE! I have so much pride when I have been told by my friends that "I have the most amazing dad"!  And it is true!  My Daddy is practically perfect....just ask my Mom....I still remind her over and over again how perfect he is!  My Daddy will never know and words could never express the amount of love and admiration that I have for him.  So Daddy, he are just a few of the things I am thankful for and some of my most favorite memories with you....

- the countless nights you rocked me to sleep
- playing multiplication facts with you on the black checkered board
- swinging on the swing

- the trips to Disneyland
- all the high school football and basketball games and trips you took out of town to watch me CHEER.  Often the only Daddy there!
- the encouragment and lets be realistic...the money you spent in order for me to be able to accomplish my dream and cheer for the 49ers.  And of course, the comfort of knowing I could always look up and see your face there.
- loving me through the high school years
- making sure I knew I didn't have to be perfect

- sharing drinks with me at Groggs right before my wedding.
- walking me down the aisle to marry Derrick!

- spending countless hours with me, working on my pitching, when all along I am sure you knew I would be sitting the bench!
- driving me and Linds home from OTS after 1 or 3 too many.  And NEVER getting mad at me for it.

- the Gary Allen, Garth Brooks, Deanna Carter, Neil McCoy and million other concerts I got to be your date for.
-walking out with you on the football field when I was up for Homecoming Queen.
- Watching my Mini every Tuesday and whenever we need you.  HE ADORES HIS PAPA!!!!  Honestly, I'm jealous!
- All the help you have given me with the parties and showers I have thrown.
- The look on your face when you saw Wesson for the first time! are the most amzing Daddy a girl could ever wish for!  Thank you for NEVER putting anything before me and loving me with all your heart!  And thank you...for now, putting my boys first and being such a remarkable Papa.  So many of my accomplishments, I owe to you!  Thank you for ALWAYS being there when I needed someone to talk to (about anything), showing me that hard work pays off, and never letting me down!!

I love you so much Daddy!  Happy Father's Day!

Your Angel