Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wesson is 7 Months old!!!

SEVEN MONTHS OLD!  This past month has been full of excitement and chaos, but not full of a lot of changes for our little brother baby bug!   You have experienced a lot of firsts but not a lot of progression!  You little Buggles, are doing things at your own pace, definitely enjoying life, and making us laugh and smile each and every day!  Your Mama, sure thinks you are perfect! 
20.6 pounds
Size 12 month clothes
Size 4 diapers
Size 3 shoes

Physically, you are getting rounder each day and your hair is really starting to come in!  Still NO teeth and no crawling!  In fact, you pretty much hate to even be on your tummy at all!  But, you sure have that sitting down!  You also seem to have the longest arms EVER and ability to create daily messes by pulling cups over or throwing plates on the floor!!  You are one silly little man! You put your arms in the air whenever anyone walks by so that they will pick you up!  You give the BEST hugs when you are in Mama's or Dada's arm, wrapping those tiny little hand around our necks.  You can also show us your tongue and toes on demand and know exactly what to do when Mama asks for a kiss.  Little Cutie-Pa-Tootie!  Just working that Mama! 
 Oh and you found your special "boy" part this month and you sure are impressed? What is with you guys!?
You still nurse ALL the time and eat solids once or twice a day!  Anytime we do more than get the tummy ache!  Also, NO rice or oatmeal for you or you throw up ALL over the place!  Looks like you are a bit sensitive!  That is completely okay with us!

You LOVE TO LAUGH!  I think you are so happy...well, I at least hope so!  You are all smile and giggles all day long!  With one exception...when Mama walks out of the room or you can't see me...the tears come!  Okay little Drama King!  Don't worry...I never let you cry long...Mama always comes and get you!  So yes, you have me trained!  Well played Bug!!
You had a lot of firsts this month!  Your first Halloween!  You were a Yellow angry bird picked out by your big brother!  Grammy made your costume and all your family came to check you out!


You even helped carve the pumpkins!

You have to hang with many of your friends and meet a couple new ones too!  Here you are with Andee and Reagan!
You are lucky...the LADIES love ya!
You went to another Fresno State game,
tried out some samples at the Costco,
celebrated your first Thanksgiving....which was more like Mommy and Daddy's 4th anniversary so the four of us just hung out together and did family things
You made your first painting,
snuggles with Grandpa one night before dinner,
 and even helped decorate the house and get it ready for your very first Christmas and Jesus' birthday!
You love admiring your work!
You have also dealt really well with the huge adjustment of Mama going back to work!  I hate being away, even if it is only until noon, but you are enjoying your mornings with Grammy, Papa, Grandma and Auntie C!  And they sure loving on you!
You are so lucky!  You have a brother who always has your back!  You two do EVERYTHING together and I couldn't imagine it any other way! Every morning he tells you "Good Morning My Wesson" and gives you a kiss!  He is always worried about where you are at, what you are doing, what you want, and helping you at!  You two are BEST buds...I really hope it stays that way!
 Being silly goats!
 Cooking dinner
 Snuggle buddies
 Routing for those BEARS
 Bathtime with Glow Sticks
 Keeping you clean!
 Playing Sorry!
 And playing piggies!
You still are only saying Dada but you are chabbering away all day long!
You love to pull Mama's hair, sit and read a story, play with the green rubber ball, PUT EVERYTHING IN YOUR MOUTH, eat yogurt, go on walks, BE HELD BE HELD BE HELD, stand up, eat your hands, kick off you RIGHT shoe, look at the phone, be tickled, rough house with Dada, walk around in your walker...especially outside, play trucks with Waylon, cuddle and smile!  You truly are the happiest and smiliest baby I have ever seen!

 I don't know what We did before that sweet smile and precious laugh! You Wesson Lee light up our home and hearts! We love you so much more than you will ever know!  I hope you understand that we consider being your Mama and Dada, the most amazing privilege one could ever have!  You are our everything and we love you more than anything!  XOXO

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Pearce family Thanksgiving tree

This should actually be the Waylon Thankful tree...but each day, Waylon told us what we were thankful for and we added a leaf to the tree.

Here is his list!
Some are funny and some are silly and some are sweet!  Interesting to keep track of what runs through that little mind of his!

1.  Mama and Dada
2. Lady and the Tramp
3.  My Pee-pee
4.  Chuck
5.  Grammy and Papa

6.  Rice
7.  Linds
8.  Hats
9.  Blessings
10.  Shower
11.  Jamba
12.  Juice
13.  Brother
14.  Grandpa
15.  Grandma
16.  Auntie Bird

17.  Dinner
18.  The Thankful Tree
19.  My Chewy
20.  Park
21.  Gianna

22.  Jesus' hands....they hold the whole word!


Can't wait to do this each year and see how it changes!

"In everything give THANKS, for this is the will of GOD CHRIST JESUS concerning you!"
- 1 Timothy 5:18

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


So...the date was December 12, 1998.  I was 15, had brown hair, was wearing a red sweater and the shortest black skirt my Dad would let me out of the house in!  I was heading to Justin Thompson's Christmas party and believe it or not, my parents were letting Derrick Pearce actually drive me home!  THIS WAS A HUGE DEAL!  After a great party, a drive home in one of the coolest cars that parked at Buchanan High School, and a long walk to my parents door, I will never forget standing in the middle of Christmas light as I got my first kiss from my first love!  He took my breath away and I am pretty sure I didn't sleep at all that night!  Almost 14 years later....he still does!

So, after 8 years of being together again, lots of fights and making up, dozens of trips,

countless dinners out with friends, the loss of loved ones,

2 perfect and precious miracles we call our baby boys, 1 apartment, our first home, and an endless love for each other

....tomorrow I celebrate FOUR years of marriage to the man God created just for me!

I think that it is very fitting that our anniversary falls on Thanksgiving this year because there is no doubt, that the thing I am most THANKFUL for is my remarkable HUBBY, the love we share, and the life we are building together!  God doesn't make mistakes, and I know he made us just for each other.  I am so blessed to be married to a man who loves me for me, pushes me to be better, always has my back, makes me laugh, is the world's BEST daddy, and impresses me EVERY day!

I love my Derrick Lee!  More and More and More!

"This life would kill me If I didn’t have you
I couldn’t live without you baby
I wouldn’t want to
If you didn’t love me so much
I’d never make it through
‘Cuz this life would kill me
This life would kill me if I didn’t have you.
Happy four year anniversary Hub-A-Lub!  Looking forward to a lifetime of more!  And thank you, for being a CERTAIN in a world of uncertainties!