Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bye Bye Summer!

Wow!  The summer has ended! I can’t believe it!  So shocked and amazed by the continuous growth in my boys, both mentally and physically!  I love seeing them develop daily in to the little boys that the Lord created them to be.  I am often amazed that the Lord choose me to be their Mama!  That He trusted me to be in charge of helping grow their hearts, minds and bodies!  What an honor and responsibility.  It is my greatest joy in my life.  Derrick and I couldn’t be any more blessed!  We love our babies.
So I combined the last two weeks as it has be CRAZY CRAZY busy over here.  Mama started back up at work and well, blogging quickly worked its way off of my to do list. 
Wesson is becoming quite the chatty Charles and he started saying Hi, big, milk, Papa, and I am sure I am forgetting a couple others.  He is also starting to “sing” along in the car and when we are dancing.  He is obsessed with climbing and can now slide off of Mama’s high bed too.  Oh and he is loving learning how to do a forward roll and jumping.  AND HE RUNS EVERYWHERE!
Waylon NEVER STOPS!  Never stops moving, talking, thinking, learning, and growing.  He is just plain AWESOME!  Learning new sight words daily, using vocabulary words that are absolutely beyond his age, like predicament, excess, arrangements, situation, blessings, Zaccheus, surprise, downloading,  and of course others!! BRAINIAC!  He also has mastered a few more math facts like 2+3, 3+4, 4+5, 10+10 and 4+4.  So proud of him and all he does!  Here he is practicing with his math facts puzzle pieces!
And then making sight words out of stickers.
So how did we end our summer?.?.?
Oh wait!  Hee hee...
Mini and I made dipped oreos
The boys and I create a art piece for our house and reminded ourselves that Jesus melts our hearts with crayons and a blow dryer!

Enjoyed some beautiful outside weather!
Played some intense games of Hi Ho Cherrio!  WAY IS AWESOME!
Went to the park and ran into the Woodwards!
Enjoyed some awesome family time with some of our favorite family!
Played some run games with our cars pretending to be the post man.
Played Trashies!
Went and visited our ducky friends a couple times.
Checked out the movie Planes that we have been waiting for and then played outside of the theatre too!
The boys created and got to see an exploding volcano to finalize our dinosaur unit!
The boys, of course, looked adorable sleeping...
And they helped me get ready to head back to work too!
Here are some of my FAVORITE pics from this week!
What a summer!  We may not have gone to Hawaii and I may not have a golden tan, but I have the most amazing three boys in my life!  I love being Mama Pearce!  Team Pearce forever and ever!  So happy for the memories we shared these past few weeks!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Zaccheus...you come down! Luke 19

So this lesson as totally inspired by my Mini.  We got a new CD a few weeks ago and this was one of the songs on it. 
He sings it constantly.   He is always asking, "What does this song mean?"  So I thought I would tell him.  We started by praying that the Lord let us use Zaccheus' life to learn from.  Let it help us draw closer to God and become better Christians.

Next, We read his Bear Bible on Luke 19 which is about Zaccheus.  Then we watch this adorable video that I found on You Tube.


After we watched it, we talked about two major points.
1.  How God is friends with EVERYONE, even those who are not nice.
2.  How we  should give our sins to Jesus, so we can act in a way that is pleasing to him.

Next we made Zaccheus in a tree out of Toilet paper rolls, tissue paper and glue. 

Mini said that these were our finger puppets!  Hehe


We turned our his new favorite jam and sang it which dancing with our Zaccheus hand puppets!  (and somehow our Monsters. Inc. characters ended up in our trees too! ) Hehe...gotta love their imaginations!

Fun, improntu, and short lesson!!! Now, nap time! :)


Sunday, August 11, 2013

JESUS melts our hearts!

So there are a million different post on pinterest that deal with melting crayons for art!  I have always loved this!  But, I was trying to think of some way to include a Bible lesson into our week.  So we talked about the following verses...
Joshua 2:11
When we heard of it, our hearts melted in fear and everyone's courage failed because of you, for the LORD your God is God in heaven above and on the earth below.
Every man's heart shall melt (comp. Deuteronomy 20:8; Joshua 2:11; Joshua 5:1, etc.).
I wanting to remind our boys that while heat melts crayon, God's love and grace melt our hearts. 
So I got an extra tile, and then had the boys hand me crayons in the order that they wanted me to hot glue them on. 
Then Waylon helped me "blow dry" the crayons until he like the way the crayons had melted. 
Then the boys picked the colors for me to add "JESUS melts our hearts" in.  Super fun and easy!