Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Adios 2013! Hello 2014!

Adios 2013.  I have never been big on New Years!  In fact, I honestly can't remember the last time I made it up til midnight....maybe 2008?  But as this year is coming to an end...all I can say is THANK GOODNESS!!  2013 has brought a lot of hard days, lots of tears, unexpected pains and a ton of change.  But through this I really believe that 2013 has been the year I have learned the MOST life lessons.   This year has strengthened my relationship with the Lord, helped me to learn that as long as Team Pearce is together...we are good, showed me over and over again what true friendships look like, has made me a stronger and smarter Mama who always stands up for her babies, made me WAY more cautious of the way I treat others, daily feel blessed that my Hubby is the man I will forever be with to stand by my side, and blessed with a family who showers me and the boys with endless love.  Some years are going to be like this.  Some years will be harder than others.  And I know the Lord is building me and strengthening me this year.  He must have great plans for my future.  As this year ends, I pray for closure on some events that have taken place this year, not only for me but for Team Pearce too.  I pray that the Lord uses me this year to shine for him for my family, my boys, our friends, and even those I don't know.  I pray that some good and positive changes come our way.  And I pray that Team Pearce creates some fabulous memories and draw closer to the Lord.

Now 2013, did have some super fun and special moments too.  It wasn't all bad!  So as usual, here are my top ten FAVORITE moments and memories of 2013!

1.  Wesson turned 1!   Aww the bittersweetness of my babies getting older!

2.  Waylon played soccer!  SOCCER MOM YO!

3.  Derrick encouraged me to start PUT A BOW ON IT...and I have been so blessed to be turning a hobby into a super fun little side job. 

4.  Disneyland....the first time as a family of 4!  Just pure magic and a weekend I will NEVER forget!  Thank you Grammy and Papa!

5.  Dinner with my girls for my 30th!  Missed a couple of ya busy bees....but I know I am blessed with wonderful life long friends!  I hope y'all all know how much I love you!

6.  The Grinch party!   One of my most favorite holiday traditions with the wonderful kids my babies are being raised with!  Wow, the Lord has really blessed us!

7.  Mammoth!  And being a Mountain woman!  Thank you Aunite Linds and Uncle Shawn!

8.  Finding out that three of the women I love the most in the world are bringing babies to us!  Being an Auntie is almost as good as being a Mama!

9.  Running 2 miles!  Pathetic but A HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT FOR ME!

10.  Celebrating five years of marriage with the man who will forever have my heart!  Forever and Ever, Amen! (Oh and being a part of two of our favoritest friends big days too!!)  Love the Souza and Aguirre Families!

ADIOS 2013....Let do this 2014!  Excited to see all the Lord has in store for TEAM PEARCE!!!  Thank you to all who helped create such special memories with us this year!  We love you all!

Monday, December 9, 2013

The Pearce Family THANKFUL Tree! 2013 (year two!)

THE PEARCE FAMILY THANKFUL TREE (mini-man tree) Love his list this year! Thank you to all who have loved on my mini man and touched his life enough to be what he is most thankful for. Love you all! Happy Thanksgiving!

 1. Whole wide world
2. Playing with grandma
3. Hudson and Brock
4. Packers...
5. Juice
6. Wesson
7. Grammy and Papa
8. Dada...Derrick Pearce.... he said this one almost every day!! He sure is his hero!
9. Tongue
10. Mama
11. Moon
12. Auntie bird
13. Goldfish
14. Tackling Wesson
15. Maps
16. Santa
17. Feet
18. Auntie Linds
19. Mama/Mini date
20. The whole day
21. Auntie C
22. Auntie Stephers
23. Football
24. The big kids
25. Grandpa
26. Swinging on the swings
27. Guys night
28. Frozen

Mama's thankful list for 2013!

My Thankful List for Thanksgiving in 2013!

1. Health! As I just headed fto the dr for the first time in years, I'm grateful for my health, the health of my boys and a hubby with one of the most amazing immune systems I have ever se...en.
2. Football! I love watching games on TV and in person. I love talking trash with my friends, competing in a fantasy league and planning our meals around games. I love the moments it has created with family and the opportunities it has given me!!! Go Dogs and Da Bears.
3. My home! Not my house but the home my hubby and I have built. The sound of my babies' feet running on the tile, the laughter that bounces off the walls In every room, the sound my gate makes when we have a visitors and the memories we are creating every second!
4. Lifelong friends! I know how lucky I am to have so many amazing women in my life. I know what it feels like to always have someone to go to for love, support, encouragement and WINE! I am so thankful for my forever friends and the women who continuously love me through every step along the way.
5. My hubby! Who loves me when I don't deserve it, who pushes me when I need it, who never makes me feel second to anyone, who supports me unwaveringly, and who takes care of me every day; but especially when Mama is sick! So blessed to have my man and to be married to a man who can run the show! And for marriage....which will forever be my greatest decision that has enabled me to live my happily ever after!
6. My Mini! No one has taught me more about life, myself, and love than my precious Mini Man! He has shown me what really matters and just how remarkable my God is! I will never fully understand how I was chosen to be his Mama, it is a title I certainly don't deserve. But, that little boy amazes me each and every day and HE will forever be what I am most proud of in this lifetime.
7. Tubby! For giving me the opportunity to learn how to love deeper and greater. For teaching me that the best things do come along twice in a lifetime. For pushing me to new levels and showing me how I can always do more than I think possible. For being a constant reminder in my life that I am obviously God's favorite since He has allowed me to be Wesson's mama. For being my place of peace and love when life gets hectic. And for daily making me feel like the most special woman in the world every day by yelling out "mama" and flashing me a smile that is just plain irresistible.
8. Our families. Who love our boys and us endlessly and unconditionally. Who believe in us, support us and encourage us.
9. For wine and coffee. PERIOD
10. For a God who is full of grace and forgiveness. Who gives us SO SO SO much to be thankful for.
Give thanks to The Lord for he is good, his Love endures FOREVER!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tub A Lub is 18 months!!

Already?  Geeze Buddy!  1.5 years old!  I can't believe that I have had you in my arms for that long!  You really are just so precious, sweet, snuggly,, smart, a bit shy, funny, physical and inquisitive!  I love you more than you will every know and being your Mama is my greatest blessing!  God sure is showing off with you!
So at 18 months.... 33 inches and 24 pounds.  18 month clothes and size 5 shoes!  You have a ton of hair and are just so stinkin cute!  EVERYONE thinks so !  YOU ARE PERFECT!
What's new with you these days?
You eat great with a fork and spoon.
You are the world's worst teether!  IT IS A MIGHTMARE!
You are healthy...you are fighting a cold now but you have still yet to be on antibiotics!  THANK YOU JESUS!
You are a nursing machine!  Come on Tubby!!
You say Num Num Num when you like what you are eating.
You LOVE Mike from Monsters Inc.
You love to Splash in the water.
You FINALLY sleep through the night....unless you are teething!
You talk more and more all the time including ouch, owl, A, Papa, boob, and many more!
You know all your body parts and are learning your colors.
You are a MAMA'S BOY!
You love to play cars.
When you don't want to do something; you fold your arms across you tummy and say NO NO NO NO!
You would snuggle all day long!
You are great at throwing and kicking a ball.
You always take off your shoes and socks and hate long sleeves...just like Dada!
You like to paint.
You cry almost every morning when Mama leaves for work!  (i'm only gone 2.5 hours!)
You love to dance to music and pretend sing along.  Get it Tubby!
You are low key and super sweet....but you will bite Waylon if you get upset.
When you want something...you will look at Mama or Dada and blow a kiss!
We are just so proud of you tubby!  You make EVERY day better by being a part of it!! 
Wes:  Mama loves you more than anything, you are my everything!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Geeze...no new posts!  Can you tell I am back to work?  Even the couple of hours I work a day have turned our daily routine up side down!  But with that being said...the fun hasn't even come close to stopping and we love each and every second that we all share together!
To say that I love the holidays is pretty much the biggest understatement EVER!  I am a holiday FREAK!  So, the holiday crafts and lesson have been a-flowing over here as we prepare for Halloween!  Who knows if I will get to a part 2 of posting our holiday preparations, but, I figured I better post what I have now...when I have a second. 
1.  We are trying to grow pumpkins in our very own pumpkin!  We got this great idea from a darling Mama I know!  We had a blast doing it and of course the world's Best Dada got involved!  I am hoping I have a better orange thumb then I do green! YIKES
2.  We made Halloween bracelets out of pipe cleaners and chocolate cheerios!!!  YUMMY!
3.  We turned our door into Knock Head!
4.  Mama and Tubby decorated a pumpkin we took seeds out of to make pumpkins from!  Yummy and cute and Wes is the best helper ever!
5.  DEM BONES DEM BONES!  We watch a couple videos from youtube and made our own skeletons out of Q-tips! 

6.  Mama got her nails done....Halloween style!  Thanks Grammy!
7.  And of course we started hitting up those pumpkin patches!  Many more to come!
So as we continue on with the holidays...I hope I am able to post more and more about the excitement of this time of year!  SO BLESSED to be making memories with the most amazing boys in the world!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wesson Lee is 17 months old!!

17 months…oh Tubba! You are holding strong at around 25 pounds and pushing on the seams of 18 month clothes. Oh and those size five shoes are on their last leg too! You are funny! You are sweet! You are smart! You are loved! You love ...kisses, grapes, tomatoes, ice cream, Smoothies, Mama (such a mama’s boy), snuggling, dancing, balls, playing outside, reading, singing in the microphone, imitating your brother, sweeping the kitchen, climbing on everything!, shoes, cars, Batman, Tupperware, painting, chalk, WATER, walking through messes, popcorn, water, NURSING, throwing ANYTHING, helping with the laundry, cleaning the table, football, being held ALL THE TIME, swinging, and drinking out of a straw. Your new words are blue, bubbles, cow, moo, OOOOO, and yelling MA all the time! But the words you cant say you point and scream for or Waylon proudly tells us. You do however, only talk when you WANT to! You are not my little performance monkey! Everything is on your own terms. You have gotten THREE more teeth this month and two more are getting ready to pop through! So, you are up to seven shiny teeth. You seem to have a constant bruise on your head from chasing after your Brother and tripping over your own two feet but you are OH SO TOUGH! You have a smile that melts my heart and a laugh that brings so much joy into our home. Thank you for being you my precious Bug-A-Lug! What a remarkable baby you are! I know the Lord is going to do GREAT things with you!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Raising MEN of GOD

So, being a MAMA is HARD!!!!   Anyone who says different...well...they should write a book.  I have prayed daily for the hearts of my boys since the day I found out I was pregnant with each of them.  I have also prayed that the Lord give me the strength, knowledge, and PATIENCE to be able to raise them to be MEN OF GOD!  Luckily, the Lord has blessed us with friends who have this same focus and are more worried about the hearts of their child than their heads.  Two of my most favorite friends have boys the same age as Mini.  So we decided to get together and not only teach
them a few preschool academic concepts, but also introduce them to some awesome and amazing things about our God.  And I have to say, the world better just watch out because these boys are SMART AND STUDLY!

 Lesson 1

On day 4, God made the sun, moon and stars.

Genesis 1: 14-19
Craft time

Working on our shirts!

 Putting the 8 (sprinkles) around the sun(Egg) !

 Guy time
 And the world's cutest baby bro!
So thankful for these boys and their mamas too!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Jesus' Miracles: Jesus walks on water!

So, we incorporated a little bit of science into this one too!  FLOAT vs. SINK!  I just filled up a pot with water and then we tested out of objects.  Mostly, real familiar toys of the boys and then sorted them by their results. 

The last item we tested was Superman...who SUNK!! 

This science lesson....quickly turned into a water war!  Gotta love BOYS!

Then we came inside and read Matthew 14 before nap time.

When the boys woke up they watched this video to retell them the story of Jesus WALKING on water.


 We talked about how AWESOME this was because there is NO way we could ever do that...I mean ever superman sunk!  ONLY JESUS AND THE LOVE OF GOD COULD DO THIS.
Then we did this craft that I altered a bit off of Pinterest so that it worked with what we had a home! 

I love how Wesson is getting old enough to get involved too!

When Dada got home, we told him about what we had learned and how JESUS performed a MIRACLE....he WALKED on water!