Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Wishes, Hopes, and Wants for Waylon

I think as a parent, it is quite normal to wonder what the future holds for your child. I wonder how tall Waylon is going to be, what his favorite subject is going to be in school (it better be MATH), where he will go to college, and what sports he will love to play. And, while I am pretty sure that my Mini Man is going to be the star Chicago Bear linebacker

WHILE going to be school to become a doctor (smart and studly) there are a few other REAL wishes I have for my Waylon.

My Wishes, Hopes, and Wants for Mini…..

1. I hope he loves the Lord with all his mind, soul, heart, and strength. I hope he prays when things get tough and praises the Lord when prayers are answered. I hope he never feels alone and trusts that God sees the whole picture. I hope he has faith.

2. I hope he is strong.

Not just physically, but mentally. I hope he stands up for himself and what he believes in. I want him to make his own decisions and not just follow what everyone else is doing. And, I want him to stand up for others when they need the support of another.

3. I hope he treats women with respect

and falls in least once. I hope he loves with ALL his heart.

4. I want him to believe in himself and NEVER let anyone tell him that he can or cannot do something.

5. I want him to not quit something when it gets tough. Being around high school aged kids all the time, I see this frequently. I want him to push through the long practices, piles of homework, and discouragements to achieve greatness.

6. I know he won’t be perfect so my wish is that he learns from his mistakes. (And the mistakes of his friends, cousins, siblings, or peers).

7. I hope he can fix things on his own, with his own two hands.

8. I hope he doesn’t cheat! Like I tell my students, it is better to fail with pride then pass by cheating!

9. I hope he know how lucky he is to be an American and is thankful for the sacrifices of others.

10. I hope is isn’t afraid to work hard and knows how to play hard too.

11. I hope he is giving, courageous, go with the flow, funny like his daddy,

goal-orientated like his mommy,

loyal, determined, charming, honest and independent.

12. Finally and most importantly, I hope he knows that no other little boy has EVER been more loved by his Mommy and Daddy! We will always believe in him, stand by him, and support him! You can’t lose us Mini!

Remember Waylon

“For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.” Philippians 4: 13