Monday, August 18, 2014

Dinosaur Days

My boys LOVE dinosaurs!  LOVE is an understatement.  SO ....while we are avid Dinosaur Train waters and frequently view videos on the You Tube...we spent this morning getting our dinosaur crafting and learning on.  My boys are 2 and trying to find thigns that challenge them both can be well...a challenge.  

I have learned I have to sneak in writing for my oldest!

Working on our cutting skills while creating our very own dinosaur book.

Working on our sight words that we are having trouble with. (i did this with lower case letters for my youngest!)
They love mazes and writing with dry erase markers!

Getting our shapes down with puzzles.

Eating our dinosaur sandwiches we created!

Super fun morning followed up by a trip to visit the dinosaurs that weekend at a local event!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Train Morning!

My youngest, W,  who is two, is obsessed with trains!  He LOVES them.  We recently went and rode a local steam train with cousins and had a blast!

So I took some ideas off pinterest and made up some on my own to help my toddler, who admittedly usually gets watered down lessons from his four year old on some of his special skills.

Each train had a letter from his name on it that he placed in order to spell his name.

***I also did this with my older son's middle name and number recognition 1-10 for my youngest. 

Working on shapes, bigger than, smaller than, colors and fine motor skills during snack time.

 Working on identifying the spelling of his colors.
 Creating a train out of shape manipulative while reviewing colors and shapes. 

We also are working on our lower case letters recognition and practiced with the letters in train!  Be careful...a printed A often looks different.  :)

Fun morning with my little man and Big Brother loved getting in on the action too!  Feel so blessed to be able to their Mama!