Saturday, February 12, 2011


11 months!  WOW!  A year ago, we were preparing for the biggest change in our lives to arrive.  I felt huge, miserable, and ready.  We couldn't wait for you to get here.  Now, in a way, it seems like you have always been here. We couldn't imagine a single day, moment, or second with out you being a part of it.  You are our EVERYTHING!  Our days and lives revolve around you and your needs.  We want you to be happy and healthy....and...we think you are!

Some fast stats on our Mini Man...
26 pounds and 31.5 inches tall
Size 4 or 5 shoes and Size 5 Diapers
18-24 Months clothes

Walking Waylon....YOU ARE EVERYWHERE!  You take a few steps in between mommy and daddy and all across the furniture.  You are not quite just walking across the living room....but you are VERY close!
I am pretty sure your favorite colors are yellow and ALWAYS pick these colors over others..
Your a dancing machine!  You love to dance to everything.

You shake your head yes, yes, yes, yes, yes or no, no, no, no, no.
You wave hello and goodbye, throw your hands up for a touchdown, clap on command, and point at what you want.
You know where your hair, teeth, toes, legs, and pee pee are! 
You also now recognize people, our fake doggy, your ball, book, sippy cup, shoes, and many other things.
You ramble all the time and are extremely loud!
You love to snuggle and give kisses...but you WILL NOT kiss a boy...not even Daddy!
You are SO strong!  You push your car and everything else all around the house.
You hate getting your diaper changed or getting dressed.  This is pretty much the only time you ever cry.
You are now eating everything...even with only having two teeth still.  You are loving whole milk but still nurse off Mommy at night.  YOU LOVE CHEESE and would probably just eat cheese and drink milk all day if we let you.  You also like ritz crackers, goldfish, Cinnamon toast, squash, applesauce, carrots, soup and MEAT!!
You love to play with hangers and your bowls and bottles that are in your very own drawer in the kitchen.
Lately, we have been taking MANY trips to the do love to be outside.

You went on your first trip to Disneyland. 

YOU LOVED EVERYTHING.  You just stared and took it all in.  You went on all the little kid rides, Pirates of the Caribbean, laughed at the scary parts of the Haunted Manson and then fell asleep on that ride too.  Your favorite seemed to be It's A Small World and Buzz Lightyear. 
Yes...Mommy and Grammy made you wear personalized clothes while we were there.  :) We did eat breakfast with the characters and Mini cried!  You liked the characters from a far but they seemed to scare you when they were close up!  That's ok Mini...we still think you are brave!  And of were SOOO well behaved! 

OUR HOUSE IF FULL OF LAUGHTER!  You laugh all the time and you make us laugh constantly.  Words can not even come close to expressing how much love I have in my heart for you and how happy you make us.  I hope you NEVER question how much we love and adore you!  

"I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him."
1 Samuel 1:27

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