Thursday, April 14, 2011


You just turned 13 months old!!! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?  There are so many awesome and unique things about you.   When you turn 13 years old...I want you to have something to look at and read that tells you about all the joy you have brought into our lives and all the special little things that make you ... YOU! thirteen are still about 26 pounds and about 34 inches tall.  You wear a size 18 months - 2T shirt or shorts and size 5 shoe.   You are built just like Daddy, buff and broad....your shoulders are so WIDE!  Everywhere we go....people  tell us how cute you are!  IT IS TRUE!  You have the most adorable dimple and could light up the world.  Your hair is getting a bit longer these days....well only in the back really!  You have a natural mullet!! Oh...and it has bit of a RED tint to it!  Mommy dresses you up for almost every occasion...and with that being are one of the BEST dressed babies in town...if I do say so myself!  From your converse shoes, wranglers jeans, hurley shirts, and of course Mini Man Apparel custom are dressed to impress!  But, even in your are the world most adorable baby boy!

Saying you are into everything, does feel like I am accurately describing just how crazy things are theses days.  You get into every cabinet, every drawer, you dig in the trash can, and we have even caught you playing in the toilet twice!!  Oh, you are SUCH a boy!

You love to...
Watch Toy Story in the Car
Watch and Dance to Dancing With the Star with Mommy and King of the Hill with Daddy
Play the dirt of course.
SWING on your play fort at Grammy and Papa's house.

Go on walks in your new wagon from Grandma and Auntie Kim and Uncle Scott.

Sit in your "Gaming" Chair from Uncle Steve like a BIG boy.

Playing in the courtyard with the snake!
Pet out fake Doggy...and give him kisses too!
Ride your quad and horsey.

Play catch with daddy!  You have one hell of an arm Mini!
WALK AROUND!  You are so proud of yourself!  You pick your feet up all high and pull your shoulders up and have a huge smile on your face!  
Brush your teeth....using the sonicare of course.  You can even turn it on and off all by yourself.
DANCE!  You have got the moves Mini Man!  You don't even need music!  Here is a video of your shaking it in the back yard!  Your prom dates are going to be so lucky!

You are officially our little book worm!  You love every Toy Story or Cars book you have.  You like the touch and feel books and often read these on your own.  But with Mommy, our favorite book to read is I'll Love You Forever.  Being that you are so busy, one of my most favorite things to do with you is read.  This is because I get to spend a long period of time hugging and snuggling and loving on you.  When we read this book, we rock ...back and forth....and giggle and laugh.  This book tells my promise to you.....

I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always.
As long as I'm living,
My MINI MAN you'll be. need to know that you are our EVERYTHING!  We love showing you off to the world and you make us PROUD each and every day.  You are so well behaved and such a sweet mini man!  Your family and friends fight over who gets to watch you when Mommy and Daddy have date night.  You are just too irresistible.  You are stubborn!  You think "no" means go faster, and even a swat on the bottom won't stop you from digging in the trash can.  You hardly ever cry...except for when we make you get a clean butt or put clothes on....and you constantly make us laugh!  We are so amazed that God would entrust us with such a perfect Mini Man to raise and love.  We feel privileged to be your parents and blessed to have you with us each and every day.  You are healthy, happy, strong, sweet and smart!  YOU are our dream come true Mister! 


  1. that is so sweet :) and he really is ADORABLE!

  2. I love this, and you guys! You guys are such a Godly family, and I really look up to it :)

  3. Thanks Ladies!

    WOW TAY.. that was so nice of you to say...thank really touched my heart!