Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Being a Mommy has taught me A TON!  I feel totally confident in saying that I have learned more in the past 10 and half months than ever before.  I have learned simple lessons like how to quickly change a diaper and how to be the ultimate multi-tasker.  I have learned what unconditional and true love really means (that what I call gladly waking up multiple times a night for someone and feeling so blessed while doing it) and how much your heart can ache when being separated from someone while working.  One of the biggest lesson I have learned by becoming a mother though, is definitely not something I could have read in a book and prepared for.  The most important lesson I have learned from Waylon, is to value every minute of every day.

So yes, this is a clique thing to say.  But, I will say that my time, is my most valuable asset.  It isn't because I am so important and have so many people wanting a piece of my time.  It is is going by so fast and I have finally learned how to be living in the moment.  I have spent years of my life planning for tomorrow and just trying to rush through today but I can finally say that I am no longer doing this.  I am valuing the time that God has given me, each day, and learning and loving it in.  Of course, I am still excited about things in the future (like being in Disneyland in less than two weeks) but I am focusing on what is right in front of me and what I have now.

I will say that I have pretty much had to do this by force.  By having Waylon, my daily routine changed and my freedom went out the window.  Trust me, I am not complaining....I wouldn't have it any other way. did make me realize that in order to have time for everything and everyone in my life, I would have to not only plan but make it a point to do this.  The evenings aren't spent just snuggling with my hubby on the couch or running to a movie any time we please...there is bath time, and reading time and "walking training" time that now fills that time slot.  But, our solution...Hubby and I make it a point to go on one date a month, just the two of us around our anniversary date. 

It sounds silly...once a month...but some months this is a challenge.  Life gets hectic so we have to make a point to make it happen.  It is so awesome to be able to go out, hold hands, eat with out wiping Waylon's face and just focus on each other and catch up.  Of course we spend a lot of our date time talking about our Mini Man but it really does provide me with the opportunity to focus on my hubby and just how much I love him!  It is something I look forward to each month and I really do treasure this time together we have.

Moments with JUST ME!  Wait.....I know at first it might sound selfish and ridiculous but I am sure even Super Mommy needed just a few moments of "me" time.  These moments too are pretty much non existent.  Gone are the days of  "monthly tanning" or just "resting" on the couch.  So now...when these moments appear....I totally soak them up.  It is nice to just be able to spend a bit of time focusing on me and relaxing.  My favorite...Shower time...BY MYSELF!  Now I love to spend bath time with my Mini Man and most days...I do.  But every now and then...I get in the shower all by myself, turn on some Jessica Simpson, and zone out!  I will say that it is usually interrupted with "Noodle, where is the..." and Waylon coming in to check on me but I do think that those deep breaths I am able to take in the shower keep me sane....or from not COMPLETELY falling off my rocker.

Time with my friends!  I am blessed that my friends make this pretty easy by always including Waylon in almost everything we do.  But, I am lucky that they love to stop by, meet me for lunch and are helping me plan an awesome girls weekend away wine tasting in Paso in March!  I CANT WAIT!  And of course my family too...dinner nights with the Pearces, church with the Baumeisters, games wtih the Stephers and Sissy, mani's with my Mama, and chatting with my Daddy are all moments that I treasure. 

And mostly...I value my time with my Mini Man.  The minutes I get holding and nursing him instead of giving him a bottle and cleaning, the minutes we spend reading instead of placing him in front of the tv, our trips to the park on the warm afternoons,
the nights I spend creating "terrible habits" by letting him fall asleep in my arms and snuggling with him in my bed before putting him in his crib, the moments I spend dancing with him instead of entering grades, and the seconds we share with his chubby arms around my neck and him giving Mommy KISSES!  These precious moments in my life, I am sure, will all too soon be replaced with awesome new, moments.  But, RIGHT NOW, I am living in the moment and feeling blessed beyond belief. 
I AM LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF LIFE...ok...well, let be honest... MOST! :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

10 MONTHS bittersweet!

WOW....10 months!
 My tiny, precious baby is now into double digit months???  You have got to be kidding me!!! Well, the past month was full of many, many fun times and firsts.  I was off for two weeks for Christmas break so I was blessed with a lot of extra time with the Mini.  Each moment is something I treasure and am thankful for.   He is constantly growing and changing and learning.  My biggest fear is that I am going to miss something while I am away at work so I was ecstatic have the opportunity to witness every smile, laugh, and moment with my Mini Man.  He is such a big part of our little family. Not sure what we did before him!

10 Months Stats
Height: 30.75 inches
Weight:: 25 pounds
Size shoe: 4
Size Diaper: 5
Size Clothes: 18 months
*Luckily...he is slowing down just a bit! Mommy's arms were about to give out!

Highlights from the month and some of Waylon's favorites:

- Waylon's first Christmas.  He made my favorite time of year, just absolutely perfect.  He loved every minute of it.  One of the best moments was when we drove around looking at the lights and he was practically jumping out the window to get a better look!  He wouldn't stop rambling.  IT WAS HILARIOUS!
- He's a stander!  Not a walker yet...but more and more he is becoming a stander...well, until he realizes you are not holding on to him, they he quickly becomes a sitter again!  But, if you keep him distracted he will stand.  Derrick and I work every night to get him to walk back and forth between us.  He will play for a while but then will quickly crawl away.  He is one AWESOME crawler.  He is so fast! 
- HE IS INTO EVERYTHING!  I mean everything!  Every drawer, every bag, every box, the trash can, the kitchen cupboards, (even though I gave him his own cupboard...he loves the one with the glass vases in it much better) dirty clothes, shoes, cups on the tables, every one's keys, TV remotes and if all of those things are taken away from him...he will settle for his toys!  Whatever we are up to...he wants to be a part of!  Shoot....we were even cleaning the house up and dedecorating and he wanted to do the vacuuming. 
- We could hardly keep him away from the Christmas tree.  Even with the gate around it...he found a way to knock down those balls...even if he had to stand on his tippy toes!  Here is a video of the criminal in the act.

- He went to the snow for the first time this past month too.  Well, he got into the snow for the first time.  He saw it a few months ago in Tahoe.  I am not really sure whether he liked it or not, but he sure did look cute!

 -His current favorite Toys...Cookie Jar from Auntie Linds, Tickle Me Elmo Extreme from Uncle JT,
His Play Table from Santa at Grammy and Papa's,The Phonics Bus from Grandpa and pretty much anything he can stand behind and push especially the Caterpillar Dump Truck. 
- Favorite Foods:  Banana with rice and peanut butter, biscuits and gravy, beans and cheese.  He is now drinking Mommy Milk mixed with organic whole milk too!  HE LOVES IT!
- HE STILL LOVES TO READ!  This is where we find him all the time!
 He loves his new book from Auntie C, The Mixed-Up Chameleon and still loves to read his Toy Story books too.
- He loves music and dancing!  He will pretty much rock out to anything...Mommy's singing, Daddy's Rock music, Papa's Country or the rap music at the Clovis East basketball game too!  He loves it all and I am just gonna say it...THIS KID HAS GOT THE MOVES!
- HE DID IT!  On January 1, 2011, he made Mommy's year!  HE SAID MAMA!  It melted my heart and made me cry the first few times.  He still will pretty much only say Mama when he wants to boy....he knows where his food comes from!
- And...most importantly...Waylon is HEALTHY AND HAPPY! 

 He is so happy!  He smiles and laughs ALL THE TIME!  He loves to play with others and play by himself too.  He is the center of our world and I think (and hope) he knows that!  He can make any moment and any day perfect just by putting his little arms around my neck, giving me a big hug, and placing one big open mouth kiss on my face!  I don't think I deserve this kind of love and joy in my life, but I thank Jesus for it each and every day!  I can honestly say, I HAVE ALL I HAVE EVER WANTED IN MY SON AND HUBBY!  We are blessed!