Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Some more FIRSTS for WAYLON

Lots and lots going on over here in the Pearce house.  With fall here, (well, somewhere behind this 100 degree weather) the decorating of the house for Halloween, deciding what Waylon is going to be for his first Halloween (done and done) , planning out our Thanksgiving and Anniversary trip, weekends full of football, work, and me getting more and more excited for Santa to be coming to our house this year....I wanted to make sure I took a minute to document a few more of Waylon's firsts.   As much as I want to keep him in a box and not let him grow anymore....he sure is taking off. 


-Sickness!  My mini-man got sick! :(  It is without any exaggeration that I say that it was one of the absolute worse things I have ever been through...sounds pathetic but it is true.  To see my usually lively and happy little boy so miserable and obviously in pain...brought tears to my eyes!  Of course, Waylon (and his exhausted parents) survived but I just felt so helpless.  I would have done anything to make him feel better.  I must give much of the credit of Waylon's recovery to Derrick who took the long shift Sunday night so I could try and get some sleep.  I don't know what I would do with out my hubby, he is a wonderful man and even better Daddy.  

- wine walk!  No, that is not a typo.  We celebrated my mom's birthday by walking around downtown Clovis sampling some fabulous wines.  Waylon was not only the cutest baby there (yes, he wasn't the only baby there) but also was totally well behaved.

- football game!  Waylon LOVES football.  (Which is good since during the fall...we pretty much make our schedule around football).  Anyway, Grammy made him a jersey that matches the Clovis East football player's jersey and Waylon showed it off at the game.  He even took pictures with the players and got held by the cheerleaders.  (He must know somebody to get that kind of VIP status) Hehe!! He loved watching the game and the mascot too!

-Clovis Fest!  One of my favorite memories as a child was getting up early....well maybe not that part...and going to watch the hot air balloons take off!  I wanted to share this with Waylon.  We had a blast and he was so observant of the balloons.  This is definitely going to be a yearly Pearce family tradition. 

This picture just melts my heart.  Yes, they are totally twins!  Well, at least their heads and ears! hehe!  Waylon just couldn't get over the bright colors and loud sounds.  What a blast!

And finally. . . WAYLON"S FIRST TIME CRAWLING!  That's right!  Waylon crawled for the first time on September 27th, 2010.  Our little six and half month old baby is right on his way to being fully mobile.  He is still a bit shaky and taking it one little arm movement at a time but he is getting the hang of it.  The best part of it....he did it for the first time while Derrick and I were both home.  It was a VERY special moment for us!  Here is a clip of him doing it the following day!  Oh and I found the easiest way to get him to crawl...put the computer or my phone across the room in front of him.  He moves in record speed!

Life is sure flying by.  And while not all of the Mini-Man's first are fun, I am glad that we can be with him as he grows, develops, and learns.  HE IS OUR LITTLE MIRACLE!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Six months already?!?!  How did that happen?  Is it really already September 9, 2010?  It sure is....and while time is flying, I can tell daily that things are changing.  This once (absolutely perfect and beautiful) tiny 7 pound 6 ounce newborn that we brought home from the hospital. . . you know, the one that only slept, ate, pooped and cried. . . is now a remarkable and capable six month infant.  Waylon now can not only roll from one side of the room to the other but he can also sit up all by himself too.  He is so close to crawling it is nail biting.  And while we are enjoying our very last few days of somewhat being able to keep him confined, he sure can move (and might I add QUICKLY) from one room to another in his walker (yes, the one that was way too expensive but awesome all at the same time).  Of course, he is a Pearce and  already getting into trouble.  He can't seem to keep his precious hands away from the outlets or the trash can.  He is super nosy (oh I know, I should call it inquisitive) and is always interested in what everybody is talking about and all they have in their hands, on their plate, or even in my purse.  I also believe that Waylon was born with this special power that enables him to stretch his arms out way farther than he should be to in order to grab a pen if you are writing with it, your lunch on the counter or maybe even a glass of water that he wants to knock over (all over his Mommy's pants so it looks like she had an accident at Red Robin). He will spot you from across the room and give you a killer smile that is destined to knock many girls off their feet in the future.  He sits at the dinner table in his high chair and tells us all about his day each night.  HE IS PRECIOUS!  The most amazing thing about a baby who is 1/2 a year old though, is that he has his own unique and special personality.  He is strong and determined, smart and independent, happy and full of love.  He is no longer a fully reliant newborn, but actually his own little person.  We are just starting to see who the real Waylon Lawrence Pearce is and I absolutely in love with him. 

At least 23 and 1/2 pounds
28 and 1/4 inches
size12 months clothes
size 4 diapers
size 2 shoes

Food: avocado, apples, squash and carrots...but honestly, he will eat anything!
Sport:  football....we actually have to turn it off the TV to get him to eat or get his attention.  And yes it is still up in the air if he is going to go with Daddy and be a Dallas fan or with Mommy and route on those Chicago Bears.
Activity with Daddy:  rolling around and rough housing on the floor 
Activity with Mommy: dancing and singing to Easton Corbin's 'Roll with it'
Other favorites:  splashing in the bath, exploring in his walker both inside and out on the courtyard, EATING, playing with his silver ball (he is definitely in the try to put everything in his mouth stage),

typing on the keyboard at work with Daddy,

jumping in his Johnny Jump-it while Mommy and Daddy get ready,  


and laughing at Mommy's moving hair (and her looking like an absolute idiot to the rest of the world).

He is seriously our pride and joy and the most amazing thing we have ever done.  He makes my heart flutter with joy.  I am so proud to be his Mommy and absolutely honored that God would in trust such a special little boy into my arms.  I love him more each and every day.  Happy 1/2 Birthday to my amazing Mini-Man!

No...he isn't spoiled!!  hehe. . .I couldn't resist! 

Psalm 127:3-5
Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons born in one's youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their enemies in the gate.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Life of a Working Mom....Week #2

WOW.....I am tired!  Week two of work....check!  Let me just say, for the record, that being a working mom is HARD and EXHAUSTING.  The Pearces are definitely in adjustment mode over here.  I feel like I am daily running a marathon and I am trying to figure out how to do everything I need to do and still find in a few minutes to do the things that I want to do.
Now, I also want to say for the record, that I have a great schedule at work that allows me to be with Waylon in the afternoons and a husband who not only does a ton for our mini-man, but also goes above and beyond to take care of me too.  With all of that being said, there are occasionally minutes throughout the day when I just want to yell "How in the world am I going to get it all done?"  Between having an adorable new baby who I am still nursing (you haven't lived until you have pumped at work!!) and my 160 students who I see on a daily basis....I am finding it hard to do everything I need to do.  Yes, Derrick is probably correct when he says that I don't have to get everything done right away.  But...I have always being a perfectionist and now being a Mom, (oh yes, I am blaming it on my kid) it has only seemed to get worse.  I feel like I am a laundry and dish washing machine.  It is like I think the world is going to end if we have a pile of dirty laundry.  And heaven forbid there be dishes in the sink. is ridiculous. 
Anyway...week two of work got a lot of things off the checklist and moving.  We had back to school night on Monday and our first football game on Friday.  Cheer provided me with its own set of challenges this week including tears, enforcing rules, and a long and hot first game.  But it is nice to see their hard work start to pay off and to hear some positive remarks from my administration about their first time on the sidelines.   My classes are starting to get settled and it does feel good to teach again after almost six months.  To hear a student say "Oh, I get it" will never get old to me.  I am extremely blessed to have a career in which there is so much payoff and reward.  And our new home schedule is getting pretty established as well.  We are up very early in the morning when means we go to bed very early at night too but the moments I get to share with my boys in the evening are priceless.  It is true that every day is a gift...but it just feels especially true right now.   Derrick and I work hard to get the required activities (grocery shopping and yucky errands) done on the weekend so the week days are less stressful for me and spent more focusing on each other.  I am still trying to figure out where to fit in having these things I used to know...a social life, ME time, hubby time....but I can't complain.  I would trade one second of snuggle time, eating time, bath time, giggle time or dance time to have back how things used to be.  Things are different now, but they are also better now.  I think that before Derrick and I were married and blessed with Waylon, I didn't even know that loving someone so much was possible.  But these two guys have completely captured my heart.  I can't help but feel lucky when I have these two guys in my arms or laughing with the two of them.  I am one lucky, lucky lady!
Enough with the boring stuff....our beautiful niece, Gianna, turned one this week.  How has it already been a year!?  I keep talking with my sister-in-law about how much life has changed in the past year and what blessing her and Waylon are in our lives.  They are too precious.  I just can't wait to see all these two do and accomplish throughout our life time
  We celebrated Gianna's birthday with a Mickey Mouse themed BBQ where Waylon finally got to wear his Mickey ears that Auntie Lindsay got him that he sported with the awesome outfit his Grammy made him.  What a stud and obviously he isn't spoiled!  hehe!
Well, that is all I can think of for now.  It is time to get off of here and enjoy watching some football with my boys and finish making Waylon some more baby food.  I don't want to waste a minute of time I have with these guys!   

"Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!" 2 Corinthians 9:15