Friday, July 15, 2011

16 MONTHS!! My happy and healthy Mini Man!!

16 MONTHS!! I cant believe that my Mini Man has been a part of our family for 16 months! So my toddler (yes, I am admitting it these days!) is keeping me on my toes and laughing more than ever! There are some definite advantages to having a more mobile and independent Mini Man! For one, I LOVE that he can walk himself to the car. When he hears the garage door open….he knows right where to go!! This is a huge advantage for me being that Waylon weighs 28 pounds now and usually I have him, a diaper bag, a purse, a sippy cup and a water to get into the car! Waylon…Mom Mom’s arms thank you! I also love that he brings us a diaper when he goes poo-poo and needs a clean butt! Then, he will even throw it away for us sometimes! Way to go Mini! He also knows right where to go when I tell him “Lets go do your hair” or “time to eat”! He even helps Mom Mom throw away the food he throws on the floor while he eats! He is an amazing little guy and such a great helper! We couldn’t be more blessed!

So with me being off with the summer….the activities have been crazy!!!! Mini started Little Gym in June.
He loves the activities, playing with his friends Addi and Braydon, chasing the bubbles and ball…but mostly, I think Waylon loves his teachers and getting one on one help from her!!! She is a cute, young blond! Oh Way! He is learning how to hang from the bar, do forward rolls, and walk across the balance beam. (Oh, and how to play nice with others!) We have a great time going and I love watching him try new things!

He also started swim lessons this week! They are Baby and Me class which he is doing with Daddy so Mommy can watch and take pictures! He is doing great and I love seeing my boys in actions together!

We also have been taking morning walks with some old friends who now happen to be neighbors who have precious babies too! His buddy Clark is only two weeks younger than him and well….he just can’t get enough of Preslei!!

We have met up with our playground once and spent some other afternoons with friends we don’t get to see enough also!

Other recent highlights….we went to Pismo with the Pearces for the car show.

Mini played the beach and even got his precious little toes wet!!

We went Bass Lake with the Baumeisters!

Waylon went on his first boat ride and loved it! His favorite part was being Captain!!!

We even took Waylon to the circus to see the elephants and horsies!! We thought it was the coolest ever.

When Waylon gets excited, he ooohs and aaaahs and swings his arms around in a crazy motion! I wish I could read his little mind! After spending the day swimming at Grandmas,

we came home and watch the firewords with Grammy and Papa and a few close friends!

HE WAS ON CLOUD NINE!!  Check him out watching the fireworks!

Waylon also got to spend some special time with his cousins from Arizona and his Auntie Kim when they came out for a week to visit! He loved playing with Kennedy and Gigi,

and rough housing with Davis and Spencer!!

It is so great to hear him giggle with his cousins! I just love it!

So some Waylon stats…..Waylon is now 28 pounds and almost 33 inches tall. He wears 2t clothes and is about ready for some size 6 shoes. He loves to eat watermelon, olives, corn,

quesadillas, hot dogs, mac and cheese, pineapple, fishies (of course) and about anything he can DIP! Especially in ketch up….HE LOVES THE STUFF! He is also talking a lot more these days. He can say dog, Mom Mom, Dada, Pop for Papa, JT, fish, two, no, yes, yeah, ball, toes, nose, shoot, shoes, milk, green, tree, truck, bye, Gigi, and I am sure I am missing some others!! He knows countless words and can identify almost 40 flash cards.  I am amazed at how many he just “knows”. He sure is a little sponge.

My most favorite thing Waylon knows (I am pretty sure he is the smartest baby ever). He knows what 1 +1 is…check him out in action!

Maybe I should send this video to Stanford so they can start recruiting him now!

He loves to watch Toy Story, Nemo, and Cars when riding in the car. Sometimes as a treat we will let him watch Mickey Mouse club too! He loves to play outside, swing, go on walks, chase around a ball, throw his lemons, play with his train, dance with Mom Mom or by himself…HE LOVES TO DANCE is an understatement, here he is getting down with his cousin Gigi,



throw all the pillows on the floor and fall on them, ride in his car while being pushed, paint, take a bath, give Kisses, but MOSTLY…his favorite thing to do is READ!! Like I said…watch out Stanford, here comes Mini!

I think that as parents we always and continuously hope that we are doing the BEST possible job for our children. I know how fortunate I am to be a temporary stay at home Mommy with Waylon! I DO NOT TAKE ONE SECOND FORGRANTED!! We have had a blast this past month and I am looking forward to the next few weeks. I think it is absolutely unimaginable and unmeasurable how much you can love someone until you are Mommy! Waylon has my heart…and always will. He is smart and funny and sweet and loving and HAPPY!!! People always say “he is such a happy boy”. And it is true!! My Mini Man is happy , healthy and loved!! He is perfect!!!! are our everything and ALL our dreams come true!  Mom Mom and Dada LOVE YOU!!!

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