Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 " The Lord has done amazing things for us - YES, glorious things! What Joy!"

WHAT A YEAR!!  It has been a year full of love, growth, laughter, excitement, and challenges!  But....through God and with eachother...we truly have had a year to remember!  The greatest thing I have been reminded of this year is just how lucky I am to know and feel UNCONDITIONAL LOVE in my life!  From my God, my husband, my mini, my parents, and many friends!  I am lucky to have constant reminders in my life about just how lucky I am!   

" The Lord has done amazing things for us - YES, glorious things!  What Joy!"
          - Psalm 126:3

Some of our top memories of 2011!!  (our number one....has got to be watching Waylon learn, grow, and steal our hearts over and over and over again!)

Finding out were were being given the girft of another baby....and that is it a BOY!

Being surrounded by so many family and friends that love Waylon on his 1st birthday!

Watching Waylon BEAM over Minnie Mouse and yell her name out!  HE IS IN LOVE!
 Being able to go to Disneyland twice this year...once with the Baumeister's and once for our 3rd anniversary!

Going to the beach with the Pearces and watching Waylon turn more and more into his daddy! 
 Trip #2 to Pismo with the Pearces.  We love the beach!
 Going to LA and Waylon's 1st dodger game with the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Bud.  (even though we only made it through 4 innings)
 Going to see the fishies at the Monterey Bay Aquarium!

Watching Derrick hit a homerun on his BIRTHDAY!!! 

Bass Lake with the Baumeisters!
 Waylon's 1st rodeo.
 Shooting with my Hubby!  A hobby we have always done and I hope to do more of in 2012.
 Watching Waylon become a SWIMMER through swim lessons with his Daddy!

Our newest little nephew...the oh so sweet Jensen being born!
 Christmas and all the festivities that lead up to it!  But mostly the time with our families, friends, mini's friends, and EACHOTHER got to share!
 Picking out HAHA's with the Mini!
 Our little BOXER!

 We have so many special memories this year!  Thank you so much to all our friends and families (old and new) who make our lives so rich and awesome!  We are SO looking forward  2012 and all the blessings it will bring....mostly...our new BABY BUG!! 

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