Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Who's the parent again?

My Mini Man is remarkable!  I love to brag about him...he is so stinkin smart!  I know every Mama says that...but really he is!   He is so sweet...for instance, he went with his Dada to the grocery store last week and HAD to bring me home flowers!  He is loving and snuggly and always wants to hold my hand!  He calls me his "BEST girlfriend" and will only be "Mama's Valentine!"  He truly has my heart!!!

Along with his undeniable fabulous qualities...he is hard headed, strong willed, fearless, independant, and will push EACH AND EVERY limit there is.  I tell myself, this would often break even the strongest of Mamas!  And I am first to admit, it really takes it's tole.  But, while I am doing my best to teach him to walk in the Lord's ways, be respectful and follow instructions...he is teaching me patience, understanding and well...TO LET IT GO!  I am a perfectionist and well, children are only perfect in their own ways.  I know the Lord made my Mini perfect the way he is and gave him to a Mama who needs to learn that she in not in total control.  That boy of mine...keeps me on my toes, laughing and loving.  And when I think I can't take anymore...Mini crawls in my lap, and tell me "I just love you Mama!"  I couldn't be more thankful to have a son who is his own "man" and who loves me through all my learning stages too! 
Plus....who wants a kid who listens all the time anyway?  What's the fun in that?!?!? 
I love you My Precious Mini Man!
"Sometimes when I need a miracle, I look into my SON'S eyes and realize I've already created one!"  I know that no matter what else I do in this lifetime, I am leaving this world FAR better then how it was when I arrive here...with my perfect MINI! 
So here's to learning more from our kids than they will ever know! 
I love you Mini Man more than ANYTHING...YOU are my EVERYTHING!

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