Sunday, March 3, 2013

10 amazing things about the Bug-A-Lug at 10 months old are ten month old! 
OH MY!  You, my tiniest love are SO full of love and laughter, smiles and excitement, and mostly...GROWTH an ADVENTURE!  Nothing beats being your Mama, Buggles!  I love you my precious Bug-A-Lug...more than you will EVER EVER know!  I have dreamed of being your Mommy my entire life, and you have blown any expectation that I ever could have created.  God made you absolutely perfect!  I just know my hunky man, you are going to do amazing things!  I can't wait to see how the Lord uses you in this life time!
Well, back to are some of my most favorite things about you at ten months old!
Weight: 23 pounds
Height: 29.5 inches
Shoe size: 4
Diaper size: 5
Clothes: 18 months
Ten things about you at ten months...
1.  You can drink out of a straw!
You are putting those few teeth to work!  You love to eat and you still love to nurse too!
3.  You can push the Mickey Mouse airplane and walk behind it!  You smile with pride when you do!
4.  You will just stop bear crawling in the middle of the room and stand up....stay there for about 10 ten second and sit back down!  YOU ARE GETTING SO CLOSE TO WALKING!
5.  EVERY time you get a chance, you pick up the remote and put it on the SPANISH channel!  Seriously, every time!
6.  We sing "this little light of mine"  every morning and you like to put your pointer finger up and let you light shine when we sing!  MELTS MY HEART!
7.  You just started getting your two top teeth!  It is quite a production with you, and you are waking up a ton of times at night and are crying a bit during the day...the crying part is very unlike you.. put you are getting through it with the teethers Waylon likes to get you all the time!  You have a great BIG brother!
8.  You pound on EVERYTHING!  I am a little nervous you are going to want a drum set as soon as you can talk!
9.  YOU LOVE MUSIC AND TO shake it, shake it, shake it Wesson, shake it!  My little dancing machine!
10.  You are  communicating MORE AND MORE!  Mama, Dada, yeah, no, wawa are coming from your mouth all the time but you love to just ramble at the appropriate time for a conversation!  You are a part of EVERY aspect of this family and you make sure your voice is heard!
And a bonus one...YOU ARE HAPPY!  You are always laughing and smiling!  We are not the perfect family Bug, but we sure do enjoy being together, exploring, playing and growing!  It is one of my biggest goals as your mommy to make sure you are happy!  It makes my heart just race, every time you smile and giggle!  And thank you, because every day when I get home, you crawl over to me and put your hands in the air so I can pick you up and you can give me lovins!  Thank you...for making me feel so special and so lucky to be your Mama!


We love you!

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