Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bunny -A-Lug is 11 Months old!

11 Months Stats
Weight 22 pounds
Height  29 inches
Clothing Size: 12-18 months
Shoe Size: 4
Diaper Size: 5

WALKING WESSON! You walked for the first time on 3-21-2013! Just two days shy of 11 months! You are one fast adn strong big man!
Your favorite toy is a balloon.  You will play with it forever and if Dada throws it to will catch it before it hits the floor!
You have got the Pearce family attitude stand and wave your finger and yell no no no no no.  HILARIOUS
You are so darn curious!  You can go in and out of doorway, love to climb onto the dishwasher and crawl underneath daddy's car.  No matter what the are ready for action.
You love other babies!  And love to touch the heads of your little friends!
You do squats all the time...future lineman for sure!
You love to be held while your sleeping...and you have your Mama wrapped!
You Eat eat seems like you can never get full.  You love meat, pasta, veggies, fruit,,,in fact, I have yet to find a food you wont eat! And you still love love love to nurse.
You want to do everything your big bro with bubbles, wash the cars, write with chalk, paint, dance around, and sing in the car. You stare at him in awe.  He is such a remarkable boy... the Lord really blessed you with the best big brother role model.
People NEVER stop talking about how cute you are!  (and Mama never gets sick of hearing it! :))
You can climb UP the slide in our back yard!  Thank you for taking years off my life and scaring the crap out of me!  Oh Bug-A-Lug!
I have a hard time remembering you are not even a year old abilities far outlast your age and I cant remember what life was like before you!  You make every day better and fill each moment of our lives with love and laughter!  Your future is going to be so amazing!  I can't wait to see what the Lord has planned for you.  Being your Mama is my greatest blessing!
We love you more than ANYTHING....You are our EVERYTHING!


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