Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Adios 2013! Hello 2014!

Adios 2013.  I have never been big on New Years!  In fact, I honestly can't remember the last time I made it up til midnight....maybe 2008?  But as this year is coming to an end...all I can say is THANK GOODNESS!!  2013 has brought a lot of hard days, lots of tears, unexpected pains and a ton of change.  But through this I really believe that 2013 has been the year I have learned the MOST life lessons.   This year has strengthened my relationship with the Lord, helped me to learn that as long as Team Pearce is together...we are good, showed me over and over again what true friendships look like, has made me a stronger and smarter Mama who always stands up for her babies, made me WAY more cautious of the way I treat others, daily feel blessed that my Hubby is the man I will forever be with to stand by my side, and blessed with a family who showers me and the boys with endless love.  Some years are going to be like this.  Some years will be harder than others.  And I know the Lord is building me and strengthening me this year.  He must have great plans for my future.  As this year ends, I pray for closure on some events that have taken place this year, not only for me but for Team Pearce too.  I pray that the Lord uses me this year to shine for him for my family, my boys, our friends, and even those I don't know.  I pray that some good and positive changes come our way.  And I pray that Team Pearce creates some fabulous memories and draw closer to the Lord.

Now 2013, did have some super fun and special moments too.  It wasn't all bad!  So as usual, here are my top ten FAVORITE moments and memories of 2013!

1.  Wesson turned 1!   Aww the bittersweetness of my babies getting older!

2.  Waylon played soccer!  SOCCER MOM YO!

3.  Derrick encouraged me to start PUT A BOW ON IT...and I have been so blessed to be turning a hobby into a super fun little side job. 

4.  Disneyland....the first time as a family of 4!  Just pure magic and a weekend I will NEVER forget!  Thank you Grammy and Papa!

5.  Dinner with my girls for my 30th!  Missed a couple of ya busy bees....but I know I am blessed with wonderful life long friends!  I hope y'all all know how much I love you!

6.  The Grinch party!   One of my most favorite holiday traditions with the wonderful kids my babies are being raised with!  Wow, the Lord has really blessed us!

7.  Mammoth!  And being a Mountain woman!  Thank you Aunite Linds and Uncle Shawn!

8.  Finding out that three of the women I love the most in the world are bringing babies to us!  Being an Auntie is almost as good as being a Mama!

9.  Running 2 miles!  Pathetic but A HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT FOR ME!

10.  Celebrating five years of marriage with the man who will forever have my heart!  Forever and Ever, Amen! (Oh and being a part of two of our favoritest friends big days too!!)  Love the Souza and Aguirre Families!

ADIOS 2013....Let do this 2014!  Excited to see all the Lord has in store for TEAM PEARCE!!!  Thank you to all who helped create such special memories with us this year!  We love you all!

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