Monday, December 9, 2013

Mama's thankful list for 2013!

My Thankful List for Thanksgiving in 2013!

1. Health! As I just headed fto the dr for the first time in years, I'm grateful for my health, the health of my boys and a hubby with one of the most amazing immune systems I have ever se...en.
2. Football! I love watching games on TV and in person. I love talking trash with my friends, competing in a fantasy league and planning our meals around games. I love the moments it has created with family and the opportunities it has given me!!! Go Dogs and Da Bears.
3. My home! Not my house but the home my hubby and I have built. The sound of my babies' feet running on the tile, the laughter that bounces off the walls In every room, the sound my gate makes when we have a visitors and the memories we are creating every second!
4. Lifelong friends! I know how lucky I am to have so many amazing women in my life. I know what it feels like to always have someone to go to for love, support, encouragement and WINE! I am so thankful for my forever friends and the women who continuously love me through every step along the way.
5. My hubby! Who loves me when I don't deserve it, who pushes me when I need it, who never makes me feel second to anyone, who supports me unwaveringly, and who takes care of me every day; but especially when Mama is sick! So blessed to have my man and to be married to a man who can run the show! And for marriage....which will forever be my greatest decision that has enabled me to live my happily ever after!
6. My Mini! No one has taught me more about life, myself, and love than my precious Mini Man! He has shown me what really matters and just how remarkable my God is! I will never fully understand how I was chosen to be his Mama, it is a title I certainly don't deserve. But, that little boy amazes me each and every day and HE will forever be what I am most proud of in this lifetime.
7. Tubby! For giving me the opportunity to learn how to love deeper and greater. For teaching me that the best things do come along twice in a lifetime. For pushing me to new levels and showing me how I can always do more than I think possible. For being a constant reminder in my life that I am obviously God's favorite since He has allowed me to be Wesson's mama. For being my place of peace and love when life gets hectic. And for daily making me feel like the most special woman in the world every day by yelling out "mama" and flashing me a smile that is just plain irresistible.
8. Our families. Who love our boys and us endlessly and unconditionally. Who believe in us, support us and encourage us.
9. For wine and coffee. PERIOD
10. For a God who is full of grace and forgiveness. Who gives us SO SO SO much to be thankful for.
Give thanks to The Lord for he is good, his Love endures FOREVER!

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