Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Who's the parent again?

My Mini Man is remarkable!  I love to brag about him...he is so stinkin smart!  I know every Mama says that...but really he is!   He is so sweet...for instance, he went with his Dada to the grocery store last week and HAD to bring me home flowers!  He is loving and snuggly and always wants to hold my hand!  He calls me his "BEST girlfriend" and will only be "Mama's Valentine!"  He truly has my heart!!!

Along with his undeniable fabulous qualities...he is hard headed, strong willed, fearless, independant, and will push EACH AND EVERY limit there is.  I tell myself, this would often break even the strongest of Mamas!  And I am first to admit, it really takes it's tole.  But, while I am doing my best to teach him to walk in the Lord's ways, be respectful and follow instructions...he is teaching me patience, understanding and well...TO LET IT GO!  I am a perfectionist and well, children are only perfect in their own ways.  I know the Lord made my Mini perfect the way he is and gave him to a Mama who needs to learn that she in not in total control.  That boy of mine...keeps me on my toes, laughing and loving.  And when I think I can't take anymore...Mini crawls in my lap, and tell me "I just love you Mama!"  I couldn't be more thankful to have a son who is his own "man" and who loves me through all my learning stages too! 
Plus....who wants a kid who listens all the time anyway?  What's the fun in that?!?!? 
I love you My Precious Mini Man!
"Sometimes when I need a miracle, I look into my SON'S eyes and realize I've already created one!"  I know that no matter what else I do in this lifetime, I am leaving this world FAR better then how it was when I arrive here...with my perfect MINI! 
So here's to learning more from our kids than they will ever know! 
I love you Mini Man more than ANYTHING...YOU are my EVERYTHING!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

WOW! 3/4 of a year old already!!! 

9 MONTHS!  I swear, I felt like I was pregnant with you for a lifetime and I cannot even fathom how that same amount of time has gone already gone by with you in my arms!  I like you way more where I can kiss on you then in my tummy!  They say you don't know love until you become a is true!  I love you more than you could possibly ever understand.  It is crazy, we are so in love with you Wesson Lee!  You are the highlight of all of my days and the motivation I need when life gets a littel more challenging!  Watching you grow, develop, learn, and change is nothing short of remarkable.  And Bug-A-Lug, you are nothing short of a miracle and the most precious gift your Daddy and Mommy have ever recieved from God.  While Mama and Daddy are far from perfect and we are most certainly making mistakes as we raise you for this world, one thing will always be certain...YOU ARE LOVED!  We love you more than ANYTHING, you are our EVERYTHING!

Weight: 22 pounds
Clothes Size: 12-18 mmonths
Shoe Size: 4
Diaper Size:5

This month including a lot of amazing your first CHRISTMAS!

You had an amazing time!  We spent Christmas eve at home throwing Jesus a birthday party and preparing for Santa to make his arrival!  IT WAS FABULOUS!

You and Waylong made Jesus a birthday cake, made a nativity scene dinner, and threw magic reindeer food out for the reindeer!

Then the following morning we enjoyed Christmas morning and all the treat Santa brought us!

There is no doubt...YOU ARE SPOILED!!!

Then we headed over to Grammy and Papa for some awesome Baumeister family time and food

And THEN back home for some special time with Grandma and Grandpa

 It was our most amazing Christmas ever!  YOU HAD AN AMAZING DAY!  You loved climbing all over your presents and pigging out!  And, you have spent the last few weeks really enjoying your new presents!

Oh and you are a Christmas crawler!  We cant keep you out of anything.  But, my precious dont just crawl like every other crawl  but walking on your feet!!!  Our little Bear Crawler!  So cute, fast and strong!
You are also saying Baba now and getting really close to saying Mama!  Come on can do it!
You have already been in the paper thanks to Papa!  That's right Bug...YOU ARE A STAR!

You helped Grammy and Papa celebrate 30 years of marriage

 And celebrated the new year at home watching movies and wearing temporary Angry bird tattoos that Santa brought us!   I think we all made it until 9:30.  It was perfect!
It is just funny to see how our family has changed since your birth!  But what you should know is we all doing EVERYTHING together!
You and that big brother of yours are inseperateable!  Basically because that is the way your daddy and I do things!  We strongly believe we are a family in all ways!  So, you are usually held when you sleep,

with us when we run our errands,

taking part when we are painting and doing craft...YOU LOVE TO PAINT!

right there when we play

watching movies, play with toys
and snuggle and sleep!
YOU ARE LOVED LOVED LOVED and as big a part of this family as any one else!
You love sports and throwing a ball and then chasing it around the house.

YOU EAT EVERYTHING!  You munch on purees a bit but are pretty much eating anything and everything these days!  Yogurt,bell peppers, spagheti, apple sauce, ice cream, carrots, chicken, and mexican rice are just a few of your favorites!  And little man, you still LOVE to nurse and Mama loves to do it! Oink Oink!  You sleep through the night until 4:30, then you nurse and fall back asleep in Mama's arm until around 7!  I wouldn't have it any other way!
This month you had hives for about a week!  You were a stud and seemed untouched!  Luckily, they went away on their own and we were happy to see them go!

 The special book you and I share is Wherever you are, my love will find you.  It says exactly how I feel about you and how much I love you!  You love to read this book and we have been spending a lot of time reading from the bible too!  You like the soft fluffy cover.

YOU LOVE MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE and ever way good-bye to the characters at the end of the show!  SO STINKIN CUTE! 

Bug, you have our hearts!  You are the best baby brother!  I pray daily that we are preparing you for the person God has designed you to be!  You have a fabulous future ahead and DAILY make me proud to be your Mama!

"You are my angel, my darling, my star, and WESSON LEE, my love will find you, wherever you are!"

Friday, February 1, 2013

A walk down memory lane...

So with all this talk about the SUPERBOWL and of course the Niners taking part....there have been a plethora of OLD RUSH posting pictures of "the good old days"!  Memories that I will never forget of moments that could not possibly ever happen again.  Being a part of "THE FINEST DANCE TEAM IN THE NFL"  was and will forever be one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  It taught me things about myself and pushed me in ways I had never before encountered.  It let me be in the same place that legends had played and perform in front of 80 thousand people.  It provided me with the proof that my friends and family would also support me and be there to cheer me on and allowed me to accomplish one of my lifetime goals.  I know that many think that being a professional cheerleader means wearing little clothes and shaking your butt in front of a crowd.  But, I am here to tell you that I met some REMARKABLE, TALENTED, AND INTELLIGENT woman that I was lucky enough to cheer along side of and more importantly, call my friends still today.  I feel so blessed to have been a part of this elite group of woman and so thankful to each of you for the wonderful memories!  XOXO  GO NINERS and GOLDRUSH!

Tryouts....I have the BEST mama!
Mexico for our Calendar shoot
My Big Sis Leila!

Love you Beth
New Mama Beisel
 My LOVE BUG and roommate in Japan...the beautiful Claudia
 JAPAN......Go Minis!

Tera <3 br="">
 Team Phot shot!
 End of the year photo...January 1st, the rain!

Magazine Pic


With my hub a lub at the reunion game!  Looking forward to the next one!

Awwwww....memories!  And as much as I wish I could have had the opportunity to cheer at the Superbowl, I am looking forward to sitting on my couch, holding my babies, pigging out, and drinking some wine!  GO NINERS! :)