Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bunny -A-Lug is 11 Months old!

11 Months Stats
Weight 22 pounds
Height  29 inches
Clothing Size: 12-18 months
Shoe Size: 4
Diaper Size: 5

WALKING WESSON! You walked for the first time on 3-21-2013! Just two days shy of 11 months! You are one fast adn strong big man!
Your favorite toy is a balloon.  You will play with it forever and if Dada throws it to will catch it before it hits the floor!
You have got the Pearce family attitude stand and wave your finger and yell no no no no no.  HILARIOUS
You are so darn curious!  You can go in and out of doorway, love to climb onto the dishwasher and crawl underneath daddy's car.  No matter what the are ready for action.
You love other babies!  And love to touch the heads of your little friends!
You do squats all the time...future lineman for sure!
You love to be held while your sleeping...and you have your Mama wrapped!
You Eat eat seems like you can never get full.  You love meat, pasta, veggies, fruit,,,in fact, I have yet to find a food you wont eat! And you still love love love to nurse.
You want to do everything your big bro with bubbles, wash the cars, write with chalk, paint, dance around, and sing in the car. You stare at him in awe.  He is such a remarkable boy... the Lord really blessed you with the best big brother role model.
People NEVER stop talking about how cute you are!  (and Mama never gets sick of hearing it! :))
You can climb UP the slide in our back yard!  Thank you for taking years off my life and scaring the crap out of me!  Oh Bug-A-Lug!
I have a hard time remembering you are not even a year old abilities far outlast your age and I cant remember what life was like before you!  You make every day better and fill each moment of our lives with love and laughter!  Your future is going to be so amazing!  I can't wait to see what the Lord has planned for you.  Being your Mama is my greatest blessing!
We love you more than ANYTHING....You are our EVERYTHING!


Friday, March 15, 2013

Making Easter Personal for Mini

Trying to get my Mini to get the BIG picture of Easter is a challenge! There are bunnies and chicks everywhere, and plenty of plastic eggs all over my house.  But, I know my little brainiac is ready for some real info.  So I started thinking of the way to explain to Way that the Lord died on the cross for our sins and that he rose again!  TALK ABOUT A DEEP CONCEPT.  This Mama decided to BREAK IT DOWN!
Step 1:  What is sin? 
Step 2:  What are our sins?
Step 3:  Jesus died for our sins.
Step 4:  HE IS RISEN

Let's make this personal...because, lets get IS!

Step 1:

I found this lesson  on Pinterest and used and edited it to what we had!  We talked about what we do when our hands are dirty?  How do we get them clean? 
Then I asked him do you know what sin is?  No, he said!  It is when our hearts get dirty!  Our hearts get dirty by doing things we know we shouldn't not sharing, hitting, crying when we don't get our way!  While it is sad, we all sin!  But, in order to get our heart clean from sin, we need GOD!

Then I got our HIS Bible and we read Psalm 51: 1-9
*Lots of big words he didn't understand!  But, I we focused on Psalm 51:7b
"wash me and I will be whiter than snow!"  Jesus died on the cross so we can be whiter than snow!
Basically, we did the craft that they created on the site.  I cut an octagon out of red construction paper (a convex a geometry teacher, I am ashamed of my not so accurate attempt at a stop sign).  We counted the sides, named it an octagon, talked about how is was red, reviewed how to spell red and then on his own he told me "like a stop sign!"  Exactly!  Instead of STOP we are going to write SIN because we want to Stop our Sin! 

The only was we can do that is through Jesus because he can clean our hearts and make us white as snow!  Flipped it over and had him use white paint to make the red sign...white! 

Then we just added the verse after he was done!
Easy, fast and effective!  Oh, and we sang "white as snow"  all afternoon too!

STEP 2:  What are our sins?

My boy loves all things OUTSIDE!  So, "everybody outside!"  (I just loved this idea and just tweaked it a bit)  We picked some rocks we could find in the yard and put them in our Easter basket! 

Then we napped!
While they napped!  I put the rocks on the cookie sheet!  And right before they woke up, I set the oven to 220%.  Got the box of crayons out that my son had gotten "naked" and cooked the rocks for about 20 minutes!  Then we carefully painted the crayons! LOVED LOVED LOVED This...just be careful!

Then we talked about how everyone sins.  I told him some of the things I do that are sins and asked him what he did!  He listed a couple and then I had to encourage a couple more!  We then wrote his sins on his eggs and put them in his basket!  Then we asked God to take this sins from us, clean our hearts and make us white as snow!  Then I took the basket, but it out of reach...but not out of eye!

Each night other then talking about our favorite part of the day, we are talking about one time we sinned during the day.  Then we are asking God to forgive us and asking him to help us not do it the following day. 
Now Step 3 and 4 I will be getting to throughout the next couple weeks!  We are doing it all from reading the Easter story over and over from all of the different gospels and his children books, to watching veggietales on the Easter story, Passion for kids, creating a handprint cross, probably a handful of other crafts too and searching for empty eggs in the backyard to remind us that the TOMB WAS EMPTY!  Focusing on Bible verses Matthew 28:6!  "He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay." 

On Easter Eve, we will place a red towel or blanket (or shirt or whatever we can find) over his basket!  And pray again for God to take away our sin, make our hearts clean and make us white as snow!  Then we will go to bed!  Then, Easter morning, he will wake up to an Easter blessing (Jesus related) and an empty basket...just like the tomb. 

I just want my Mini man to know that Jesus died for HIM!!!!  Hoping that we can make it personal!  That he will see what a miracle he is, how SPECIAL he is to JESUS and how powerful the Lord's love is! 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

10 amazing things about the Bug-A-Lug at 10 months old are ten month old! 
OH MY!  You, my tiniest love are SO full of love and laughter, smiles and excitement, and mostly...GROWTH an ADVENTURE!  Nothing beats being your Mama, Buggles!  I love you my precious Bug-A-Lug...more than you will EVER EVER know!  I have dreamed of being your Mommy my entire life, and you have blown any expectation that I ever could have created.  God made you absolutely perfect!  I just know my hunky man, you are going to do amazing things!  I can't wait to see how the Lord uses you in this life time!
Well, back to are some of my most favorite things about you at ten months old!
Weight: 23 pounds
Height: 29.5 inches
Shoe size: 4
Diaper size: 5
Clothes: 18 months
Ten things about you at ten months...
1.  You can drink out of a straw!
You are putting those few teeth to work!  You love to eat and you still love to nurse too!
3.  You can push the Mickey Mouse airplane and walk behind it!  You smile with pride when you do!
4.  You will just stop bear crawling in the middle of the room and stand up....stay there for about 10 ten second and sit back down!  YOU ARE GETTING SO CLOSE TO WALKING!
5.  EVERY time you get a chance, you pick up the remote and put it on the SPANISH channel!  Seriously, every time!
6.  We sing "this little light of mine"  every morning and you like to put your pointer finger up and let you light shine when we sing!  MELTS MY HEART!
7.  You just started getting your two top teeth!  It is quite a production with you, and you are waking up a ton of times at night and are crying a bit during the day...the crying part is very unlike you.. put you are getting through it with the teethers Waylon likes to get you all the time!  You have a great BIG brother!
8.  You pound on EVERYTHING!  I am a little nervous you are going to want a drum set as soon as you can talk!
9.  YOU LOVE MUSIC AND TO shake it, shake it, shake it Wesson, shake it!  My little dancing machine!
10.  You are  communicating MORE AND MORE!  Mama, Dada, yeah, no, wawa are coming from your mouth all the time but you love to just ramble at the appropriate time for a conversation!  You are a part of EVERY aspect of this family and you make sure your voice is heard!
And a bonus one...YOU ARE HAPPY!  You are always laughing and smiling!  We are not the perfect family Bug, but we sure do enjoy being together, exploring, playing and growing!  It is one of my biggest goals as your mommy to make sure you are happy!  It makes my heart just race, every time you smile and giggle!  And thank you, because every day when I get home, you crawl over to me and put your hands in the air so I can pick you up and you can give me lovins!  Thank you...for making me feel so special and so lucky to be your Mama!


We love you!