Saturday, April 14, 2012

What I Want My Boys To Know

Getting ready to have baby boy #2 has got be doing a lot of thinking (and eating).  I think that raising a boy to be a man is my most rewarding but extremely challenging task that I WILL EVER FACE!  Luckily, they have a remarkable role model in their father which helps take away MANY of my fears.  But, here is a REALISTIC and NON POLITICALLY CORRECT list of things I want my boys to learn from their Daddy and Me and demonstrate throughout their lives!

Things I want my boys to know…

1.       Brush your teeth, wear deodorant, put on a belt and match your shoes to your outfit.

2.       While I will spend the next few years of your life telling you how wrong it is to hit, there are some exceptions.  When defending yourself, a lady, or an innocent stranger!  Don’t ever turn your head on a situation because it doesn’t affect you!  ALWAYS STAND UP FOR YOURSELF AND WHAT IS RIGHT!

3.       Be a man!  Get your hands dirty, fix things and put them together without directions, shoot guns, and throw a ball around!

4.       Know how to do your own laundry and cook dinner.

5.       Dance with your Mama or a girl you love whenever they want you to.

6.       Don’t let ANYONE ever tell you that you are not good enough, talented enough or smart enough for something!  

7.       Having a few drinks it okay, but don’t be that guy at a party or bar.  If you can’t handle your liquor…don’t drink.

8.       Don’t be afraid to upset people by expressing your opinion and standing up for what you believe in.  Just because something is popular or socially acceptable doesn’t make it right. 

9.       Don’t sleep with every girl you date.  It is tacky, disgusting and dangerous.  And don’t discuss it or the details with your buddies.  Have some class!   You would be surprised how many problems you can avoid in life if you just leave your pants on!

10.    ALL GIRLS ARE CRAZY!  Be careful with you.

11.   What you wear does matter!  If you need to dress up…do it!  Don’t ever wear offensive t-shirts or jeans that are too tight you can’t wear underwear or too loose everyone else has to see your underwear.

12.   Don’t EVER quit a team!  Finish your commitments, even when they get tough or you are over it!

13.   LAUGH….at yourself and with family or friends!

14.   You don’t have to be perfect…but you do need to be the BEST you can be!

15.   Don’t lie or cheat!  There are worse things than hurting feelings or failing.

16.   Don’t ever speak poorly of your family or friends behind their back!  We have enemies for that.  Stand behind those you love…sometimes, even when they are wrong!

17.   Put your dirty clothes in the hamper…even your socks.

18.   Only marry a girl who loves you for you and who you can’t live without!  Make sure she knows she is your everything and kiss her ALL the time.

19.   The most important roles you will ever play on this earth are a Christian, husband, and DADDY!

20.   PRAY!  Pray when things are good, when things are tough, when you need help, or to give praise!  Jesus is the only one who might love you more than Mommy!  You can’t do it without HIM and should never try!  Live a life to please Him and make sure your babies (my grandchildren) know about him each and every day!
I'm sure this list will  grow as my boys do...but for now...I have my work cut out for me!

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