Friday, May 11, 2012

There are these boys, they COMPLETELY stole my heart...they call me MOM (and Noodle)!

There are these boys, they COMPLETELY stole my heart...they call me MOM (and Noodle)!

 So that picture sums up my whole world!  I am daily in shock of the blessings the Lord has given me; a  remarkably loving and supporting husband and 2 PERFECT and PRECIOUS baby boys to love and raise in this world.  Not every second of every day is all rainbows and lollipops....but I must say, most are pretty amazing!

Well, it is now Friday afternoon, so I guess it is safe to say I survived my first week of Derrick being back to work and being home by myself with my two boys.  Truthfully, Monday was ROUGH...not necessarily because of the boys but just happened to also have one of those days that everything that could go wrong, did!  But, the remainder of the week was not only good but IT WAS GREAT!  I have never been so happy and so thankful for each and everyday!  I am LOVING spending all day with my boys!  THERE IS NO WHERE ELSE I WOULD RATHER BE!  They keep me busy, on my toes, laughing, loving, and smiling all day long!  I am just on cloud nine!

This week we were lucky enough to have my sister in law take Wesson's newborn pictures!  Wesson Lee is just precious and remarkable!  He is a fabulous eater...eating almost every hour during the day and then only waking up once maybe twice at night for a quick snack before rolling back over and crashing out!   He is quickly gaining weight and growing and daily changing before our very eyes.  HE IS SO ALERT!  When his little eyes look at mine, I can barely breath!  And, he is a strong little toughy guns!  Long arms, legs, fingers and toe and a grip to kill.  If he doesn't want you to pull his arm probably aren't going to be able to!  Buggy was the perfect name for him too...he is my snuggle bug!  Loves to be held and loved on ALL THE TIME!  I wouldn't have it any other way!  

 Our precious Mini Man is now  a little over two!  (where did the time go?).  When I look at him, I just can't believe it!  But, out of all the people in my life; parents, family, friends, teachers...that precious little 3 foot tall boy has taught me more than ANYONE in my whole life!  He has taught me about unconditional love since there is nothing I wouldn't do for him, selflessness as NOTHING could ever come before him or his brother, heartbreak when I am forced to be away from him, fear when has gotten hurt or been sick,  joy when he says "I love you, Mama", pride when I heard him count to ten for the first time or recite all his colors, excitement as I watched him take his first steps, anger when I have seen him get hurt or neglected by others, and thankfulness when I think about the fact that God could have given him (and now his brother) to anyone to raise and he choose ME to be his Mommy!  Of course, he has also taught me that even my kid will through a fit on the floor at the grocery store and tell me "no" but it is all worth it!  I love him more and more, each and every day!   

If I have learned anything from Wesson being born, it is that love really does multiply and not divide!  Our home is now just filled with even more love then before!!  I am so thankful to be surrounded by 3 boys that make my heart beat so fast and make me laugh!  We are not a perfect family, but one thing my boys will always know is that they are LOVED!  And...that Mama RULES! :)

"They know me in a way that me to to one else ever has.  They open me to things I never knew existed.  They drive me to insanity and push me to my depths.  They are the beat of my heart, the pulse of my veins, and the energy in my soul.  They are my BOYS!"

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  1. Just absolutely precious! I love you and I love your family! You are such a beautiful Momma!!