Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lessons from my two babies!

Yes....I am so blessed to watch my baby boys grow and change each and every day!  And while it is MY responsibility to be teaching THEM ( and I am daily working on it)...I think the roles have really been flipped since Wesson has been born!  So what have I learned...

1.  Babies are the greatest gift the Lord has ever given me!  NOTHING EVEN COMES CLOSE TO BEING MOMMY!  I have been given many, many blessings...but these two are our everything!  The feeling I get when my Bug A Lug looks at me with those eyes or my Mini smiles at me is unique to only those two!  They tug at my heart in a way never imaginable!  Nothing is like a Mother's Love!

2.  My children are not perfect...and neither am I!  Let me clarify...the PEARCE BOYS are as close to perfect as they come but....even my toddler tells me NO, throws fits when leaving the park, and yes, has even kicked me!  This doesn't make him a terrible kid or me the 'mom from hell'.  It makes him a toddler and me....someone who is learning patience and how to discipline (constantly) with love!

3.  TIME GOES WAY TO FAST!  Wesson is six weeks....WAIT, I thought Waylon was only six weeks old! 

With Waylon I gave into the pressure of "When did your child...?  You still let you son do that? " make it worse, being the overachievers that we are....I made it a point to be "ahead"!  HOW STUPID!!  I worried about when Waylon would be sleeping in his crib...And he was a great baby and slept in his room at 8 weeks and through the night at 9 weeks.  BUT, I can tell you right now...Wesson isn't going anywhere any time soon!  Mommy loves those middle of the night snuggles was too much!  And he will be gone soon enough!
And yes...Waylon is now coming in our room half the nights out of the week, we lay down with him at every nap and bedtime until he falls asleep, AND I sometimes still give him milk to help him fall asleep.  I know...I could put him back in his bed or let him cry it out...but seriously....HE IS 2!!!!  I am well aware some people think I am scaring him for life...WHO CARES!!!  He is a baby still too!
Oh and Wesson is needy and fussy...he wants to be held ALL the time!  No...It isn't convenient all the time...the dishes pile up in the sink and I have a TON of laundry to do as we type BUT OH WELL.  My boys come first!  I love holding him and feeding him.  This too will be over soon!  Then it will be on to sippy cups, fishies, and even pizza!!!  So...if you come over, be prepared to clean a dish if you need it or even be asked to move the laundry over!  Thanks!

4.  Brotherly love is beautiful! 

Waylon...has gotten in trouble a time or two for already pushing it with his brother...but they hold hands almost daily, Waylon worries and often jumps up when Wesson cries, and Wesson watches Waylon run around all day!  They seem to have a bond I honestly don't understand!  I know there will be tough days...but I pray daily they develop a love and bond that is unbreakable!  I think we are on the right track!

5.  THEY NEED GOD....and in order to raise two boys...SO DO I! Just Kidding...kind of!  God has reminded me that my most important job as a mother (or in life) is to teach my children about HIM!  They even have me reading A Mom after God's own heart!  I want to do everything I can to be the kind of Mom the Lord would approve of and the kind of Mom he designed us to be!  I want to daily introduce them to His wonder and love!   

And finally...they have taught me...moms really don't need that much sleep, the most amazing moments can come in the middle of the night during a feeding or while dancing to "We Owned the Night" in our living room, poo-poo in the potty is a HUGE reason to celebrate, milk from Starbucks is the perfect bribery tool,  I am strong enough to take my toddler and newborn to the mall by myself,  and there isn't a diaper bag in the world that is big enough to carry all the "what if" items! 

I wouldn't trade a second of being Mommy!   Daily I do honestly think "What could be better than this!!"  THANK YOU JESUS!

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  1. Sweet Girl! I just love this! You are a beautiful woman, mommy and friend! I loved reading this! Love you!