Monday, June 18, 2012

Painting, Painting, and Painting!

We have spent almost ALL DAY painting!  My Mini Man can be one wild little man.  So, in order to keep him out of trouble and me sane...I often try to give him activities to keep him busy and excited!  Today, we took the bull by the horns and PAINTED ALL DAY!

So here is how it went! I LOVE THE DOLLAR STORE!!  Last week, I bought two wooden ornaments for my Mini to paint!  CHEAP AND EASY!  So while the weather was nice this morning...we stepped outside and enjoyed some fresh air!  Mini picked the car ornament for today.

That was just our warm up!  We then did the NO mess finger paints on the window!  Looks kind of like stained glass.  Mini got quite the kick out of this!   I left it up still.  I figure it will last a couple days and he could go back to it whenever he got creative!
"This is fun!"

He handsome man~

Then Mini headed in for nap and I headed to check my Pinterest boards.  I realized the fourth of July is around the corner and it was time to start crafting for the holiday!  So we started with
Step 1:  Take three cupcake holders and color or paint them!  Don't forget the glitter!   Let them dry!
Step 2:  get out the star cookie cutters, dip them in paint and push them hard against the paper!

Mini wanted to do white, red and blue!

 Finally, once they were all dry, we cut the cupcake holders, added some glue on the back and stuck them on the stars! 
Next, anyone who knows my Mini knows there is hardly anything he loves as much as MONSTER TRUCKS!  We got the idea of using Monster Trucks to paint and have painted with them before but this time we added some USA love to it!
We painted red strips on white paper,
added some white "stars" on blue paper,
and then once they were dry, cut the blue paper and glued it on the look like the AMERICAN flag!

Lastly, and probably Mini's favorite!  We kept the Trucks out and used them to paint and old, white, stained, tee! 

Daddy came walk through the door!  Hey Dada!
Added a "W" for a little personalized and here is the Finished product!  He is pretty stoked to wear it!

All these had EASY clean up and were things I had around the house! 

We had one fun and busy Monday!  I just love my Mommy~Mini Days!  Just can't wait until my Bug-A-Lug can join in on the fun!!

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  1. How fun! Who needs Pinterest when I have you! :) I always get good ideas from you :) Love you! xoxo