Sunday, June 17, 2012

Daddy's Little Girl

I have ALWAYS been my "daddy's little girl"! 

Shoot....that is even the song we danced to at my wedding!  You see, I have the kind of daddy that EVERY girl dreams of having.  He is supportive, encouraging, funny, strong and FULL OF LOVE! I have so much pride when I have been told by my friends that "I have the most amazing dad"!  And it is true!  My Daddy is practically perfect....just ask my Mom....I still remind her over and over again how perfect he is!  My Daddy will never know and words could never express the amount of love and admiration that I have for him.  So Daddy, he are just a few of the things I am thankful for and some of my most favorite memories with you....

- the countless nights you rocked me to sleep
- playing multiplication facts with you on the black checkered board
- swinging on the swing

- the trips to Disneyland
- all the high school football and basketball games and trips you took out of town to watch me CHEER.  Often the only Daddy there!
- the encouragment and lets be realistic...the money you spent in order for me to be able to accomplish my dream and cheer for the 49ers.  And of course, the comfort of knowing I could always look up and see your face there.
- loving me through the high school years
- making sure I knew I didn't have to be perfect

- sharing drinks with me at Groggs right before my wedding.
- walking me down the aisle to marry Derrick!

- spending countless hours with me, working on my pitching, when all along I am sure you knew I would be sitting the bench!
- driving me and Linds home from OTS after 1 or 3 too many.  And NEVER getting mad at me for it.

- the Gary Allen, Garth Brooks, Deanna Carter, Neil McCoy and million other concerts I got to be your date for.
-walking out with you on the football field when I was up for Homecoming Queen.
- Watching my Mini every Tuesday and whenever we need you.  HE ADORES HIS PAPA!!!!  Honestly, I'm jealous!
- All the help you have given me with the parties and showers I have thrown.
- The look on your face when you saw Wesson for the first time! are the most amzing Daddy a girl could ever wish for!  Thank you for NEVER putting anything before me and loving me with all your heart!  And thank you...for now, putting my boys first and being such a remarkable Papa.  So many of my accomplishments, I owe to you!  Thank you for ALWAYS being there when I needed someone to talk to (about anything), showing me that hard work pays off, and never letting me down!!

I love you so much Daddy!  Happy Father's Day!

Your Angel

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