Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bug A are 8 months old!!!



My Bug A Lug is 8 months!  Oh my precious are the sweetest and most snuggliest Baby Brother in the world!  I get tears when I think how lucky I am that the Lord choose ME to be your Mama!   We prayed and dreamed of what our Baby Brother would be like and YOU Buggers, far exceeded all of our expectations.  You are PERFECT and LOVED!
8 month Stats
Weight: 22 pounds
Clothes Size: 12-18 months
Diaper Size: 5
Shoe Size: 4
You seriously are so much fun!  I wish I had a dollar for everytime someone told me how cute you are!  OR how much you smile!  You must be the happiest baby alive!  All smile and giggles are the time!  Oh and you like to get Mommy's camera and take pictures of yourself!!
You are a sitter upper and a CRAWLER!  You took your first three knees on December 17, 2012 but have only been doing the army crawl since!  It is only a matter of time!  You CAN NOT wait to be up in the action with Daddy and Brother!  This is you trying to crawl...I feellike we may a future lineman on our hands!
You love to EAT!  Unfortunately, your favorite thing to put in your mouth is paper!  If there is a scrap will find it!  You also like squash, carrots, mangos, peaches, gravy, clam chowder, refried beans, rice and to gnaw on bacon, noodles, and graham crackers!  THOUGH...YOU STILL LOVE TO NURSE ALL THE TIME!!
Speaking of eating...YOU GOT TWO TEETH! 
It was quite a dramatic production but you made it through and have your two bottom chompers!!!  The first one popped through on December 16th and second the following day!  I'll be honest, I miss you gumby smile but you sure are putting those teeth to good use already!
You also are WAY more involved in EVERYTHING!  You reach for everything at the dinner have even spilt my coffee a couple times, love to hold the book when we are reading at nap and bedtime, the laptop, put your hands in the air every time I walk by and you want me to pick you up and you love to wave hello and goodbye to everyone!  My favorite is when you wrap your precious little hands around my neck and give me kisses.  It makes me feel like the luckiest Mama in the word.
You are getting to be a much better sleeper. 
 You nap from 10-10:30, 12:30-2:30 and take another quick nap around 5:30 right before dinner.  Then you sleep from 8-7 at night, usually only waking up around 5:00 for a little early breakfast!  Go buggles Go!
You still are only saying Dada...but "talking' all the time!
YOU LOVE TO BE HELD!  And, Mommy and Daddy wouldn't have it any other way.  You will take your short naps in your room, and snuggle with your brother in his room during your long nap
and at night time you both sleep with Mommy and Daddy!  I love feeling you lovins all night and the minute we are out of bed, you and brother are all cuddled together!  IT IS SO CUTE!
You have had a busy month!  You like bouncing in your bouncer
We celebrated Grandpa's birthday
Rough housed with Dad
Got and gave lovins to your VERY best buddy...your big bro Way
Went on a spontanous trip to the beach just the four of us
Enjoyed some sunny weather
And spent a Friday night at John's Incredible pizza playing!
AND ready for Jesus' birthday and Christmas ALL MONTH! It is so awesome celebrating these traditions with you our precious Bug and I am so looking forward to seeing your face on Christmas day!
We went to Mr. and Ms. Kellom's house and made gingerbread houses,
In your Gingerbread shirt by Mini Man Apparel of course!
Played with your nativity set and did some chewing on Jesus
Drove Christmas tree lane and checked out all the lights
in our Jammies
 Met were to brave...NO TEARS!
 Made Reindeer pancakes for dinner
Daily opened doors on your advent calendar

Walked the Christmas lights with Grammy, Papa, Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie C, Uncle Paul, Stephers, Auntie Linds, and Shawn!
And had your very own SNOWman party with all of your friends and all of Waylon's friends where it SNOWED!!!!!!  IT WAS AWESOME! 

I have so much fun being your Mama!  Oh BROTHER BROTHER!  You have stolen my heart! Watching you grow, learn, laugh, and love is the greatest blessing this Mama will ever know! So glad you are YOU...God made you just PERFECT! Mama loves the Bug-A-Lug!

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