Saturday, December 8, 2012

My Mini Man

Mini Man, Mini Monster, Waylon Lawrence, Way Way, Sugar Booger, Cutie Patootie and Toots!

I love my Waylon!

(I got this inspiration from another Mama)
5 Things about my baby!

1.  He has a memory like an elephant.  EVERY mom thinks her child is smart...but seriously....mine is!  He can remember anything and everything!  (including those things you dont want him too).  He has always been ahead and continues to be!  He blows me away how smart he is! LITTLE BRAINIAC (now if I can just get him to understand what NO mean!  hehe)

2.  He has single handily taught me more about this world and life then all other people on this world combined!  He taught me what unconditional love is, what the scariest feeling in the world is when I have to take him to the hospital because he can't breath, how strong I can be when I have had to push myself beyond what I physically possible in order to take care of him, how to be selfless by ALWAYS putting him first, and just how much the Lord loves me by letting me be HIS Mama!!  HE IS MY EVERYTHING AND GOD IS GOOD!!!!
3.  His eczema is terrible!  He constantly has a rash!  His night routine of putting cream on him and getting him ready for bed is AT LEAST 20 minutes.  90% of the time, HE IS ITCHING!  I couldn't even imagine that!  And yet he still has fun, learns, laughs and loves! HE IS SO TOUGH!  I pray daily that his skin will one day heal!!
4.  He is SO protective.  He is totally like his Dada but this is the #1 way that he reminds me of him.  He always worries about me, wonders where I am at, what I am doing and checks on me.  "Mama, did you have a good day?  Mama, are you okay?  Mama, be careful!"  And now, he is like this with Wesson.  Yes, sometimes, he is a little too rough with Wes.  But, you better believe he will not let ANYONE else be.  "Mama, where is Brother?  I want Brother with me!  Good Morning Wesson, did you sleep good?"  He is a wonderful little BIG man!

5.  He has a FABULOUS imagination!  He talks to all his toys, pretends he is the fruits or vegetable when we cut them and yells out "NOOOOOO", can entertain himself and stuffed animals for a long time, and even has a friend named "Kevin" that I am pretty sure in imaginary!

My Mini is perfect!  He has my heart and he makes me so happy!  I am more proud of him than anything else in this whole world! 

I love you more than ANYTHING, Mini!  You are my EVERYTHING!

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