Monday, December 31, 2012

10 Favorite Memories and Moments of 2012

10.  The boys went to their FIRST Fresno State game!  Let's go Dogs!
9.  Day trips to the beach.
8.  We got to be a part of four very special days with four of the people we love the most! WEDDINGS and Mini was the star of FOUR!
7.  Mama and Dada took their first trip away to Texas for some Monday Night Football...Bears VS Cowboys!  LET THE RECORD SHOW...the Bears got the W!
6.  Waylon learned all his letter, lower and upper case and each letter's sound and a word that starts with each letter! (along with a million other things)  BRAINIAC! 
5.  Wesson became our Christmas crawler!
4.  Dada turned 30! (and has never been sexier!)
3.  Derrick and I dedicated our precious Wesson Lee to the Lord with the support of our remarkable family!
2.  Waylon started Two Sprout co-op preschool that Mommy is so lucky to help teach!
1.  Wesson Lee Pearce was borned on 4-23-2012 @ 12:39 weighing 7 pounds 6 ounces and 20 inches long!
He made us a fabulous family of FOUR!
Not sure how the Lord will bless us in 2013, or how it could come anywhere close to our amazing, 2012....but to say that the Pearces are blessed couldn't be more of an understatement!  FOREVER grateful for a year full of countless blessing!  I LOVE BEING MAMA PEARCE!

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