Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer 2013 Week 1

In order to make sure I have an accurate account of just how much fun we are having this summer....I am going to TRY to blog weekly about what we did the week before.

So here we go with week 1....

Mini picked the first book he wants to read on his own, Mater's Best Friend.  So we are currently working on Sight are the three games we played this week in order to get those words down.


We spent a wonderful morning at the park!
Mama worked on her photography a bit with my FAVORITE picture props!

We hosted a fabulous playdate with friends (can't believe I didn't get any pictures) and also spent one morning at the library! 

We got some great books on the solar system which is the other area that Mini and I are working on currently.  He already knows that there are 8 (or 9) planets, Jupiter is the biggest, Mars is red, and the Sun is the most important since they all rotate around it!  He is a brainiac!

Wesson is working on his flash cards.  Currently, dog, two bunnies, yellow ducky, blue fish and red tomato.  He also said thanks, fish, and yes for the first time this week!

Waylon and I made homemade popsicles and we have been enjoying eating those outside and the warmer weather.


The boys pretended to be archeologist and carved out the water animals out of a frozen piece of ice.  Funny to watch them to this.  Wes just dove right in and bang on it.  Waylon thought about it and tried to decipher the easiest way to get the animals out!  I love how they are both so different and fabulous!  OH NOTE TO SELF....skip the blue dye next time in order to avoid the boys turning into smurfs!

Waylon finished his second week in swimming and is KILLING it!  So proud of our little fish!

And Wes loves cheering him on!

Waylon had his skin tested and we discovered he is allergic to EVERYTHING!  Mostly environmental!  Made my heartache to see him suffer!

FATHER'S day ...turned into Father's WEEK when the boys started to give their Dad a gift a day!  That's ok..he deservers it!  We had a blast celebrating our special dada!  Here are some of the things we did for Dada!


 We also spent some time celebrating the world's best Papa and Grandpa too!


I got FOUR hours of Mama time at the spa when I used the gift card some of my besties got me!  IT WAS have that time for myself! 

We celebrated one of our favorite friends, Hudson turning 3!! His party was AWESOME!
What a pleasure it is to be home with my babies and to be able to focus on my family 100%!  Looking forward to the rest of the summer!

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