Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wesson are 14 months old today! A few things about you!!!

I just cant believe it Baby Brother Bug-a-Lug! You are 14 months old today!

 You are the sweetest baby boy ever and the snuggly king.... BUT You also have a "don' t back up, don't back down" kind of attitude too!

You love to read yourself.
You are fearless and will run right through cold sprinklers and right into the pool too.

Your hair looks like Doc's from Back to the Future when you get out of bed!

You are STILL waking up 1-3 times a night to nurse. ( I plan on some extreme backpack during your high school years). Good thing Mama loves your lovins!

You are learning to talk more and more and call Waylon Ba-Ba!

We always catch you eating paper.

You just starting getting mild eczema! :(

You love to play outside and chase your brother around.

You are inquisitive and interested in everything going in around you. You don't miss a
single thing!

We just love you Wesson Lee! You are the most amazing Baby Brother ever and we couldn't imagine a minute with our you!

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