Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer 2013, Week 2

While it may seem that things are boring around here, every day is a bit of an adventure.  The boys are adjusting to Mama being home everyday and I am adjusting to being able to love each and every second with them!

We continued on with out sight words games and played outside during the beautiful weather! 

Waylon also mastered writing a W!  I'm so proud!!!

We also enjoyed some yummy breakfast out on the courtyard!  This is my heaven on earth!  JUST LOVE IT OUT THERE!

Wesson got down his four first cards and said good, nose, vroom, baba (for brother), and Yay this week.

Oh and we did some letter and color recognition through the you tube videos!  The boys LOVE these!

Waylon showed us just how tough he was by getting blood taken out of each arm!  My poor little guy!

We played in Mama and Dada's room by jumping off the bed and onto the pile of pillows!  IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!

Mama and Dada had a date night....our first one since January 1st while the boys stayed with Grandma!  I just love my Man so much and am so blessed that the Lord choose me to be his wife!  It really was an amazing time.
We spent the morning at the zoo with Ms. Nicole and our buddy Jaxson!  It was a fabulous way to start the day and the boys had a blast checking out all the animals.



Way did his photo shoot at the amazing Scoops, Soups and More store for the Central Valley Family First Magazine that will be coming out next month!  We can't wait to see it! 

We enjoyed a few family dining out at our typical spots; Sals
and the Red Caboose.
Mama picked up RUNNING!  Well, I made a goal to do something I am terrible at and do it just for me!  Hoping it will be a good thing for me both physically and mentally...since I haven't worked out in FOUR years!  (lame, I know!)  I am only running a 1/2 mile but its a good start!  I hope to be doing a 5K sometime this fall!

We finished the weekend by doing a little swimming at Grammy and Papa's house. 
 But the boys fell asleep on the way home...

so we took "the long way home" and headed out on a drive to Pine Flat!  Hubby and I used to do this ALL the time!  It was like a little mini vacation!  Nice and Relaxing!

We are spending a ton of time in the backyard too!  Playing in and with water!  WE LOVE SUMMER TIME! 
Oh and check out these Smores Dada created too...MMM MMM GOOD!
Oh and what crazy thing did we do on a Friday night...we had a BLAST (I'm not being sarcastic) cleaning the car as a family!  OH and McQueen got a good scrub down too!  Love being with my family!
Wesson Lee turned 14 MONTHS old!  How did that happen?  He is just getting so big!
Oh and we are busy playing referee between the boys over this chair!!! Bug is clearly marking his territory here!
 SO in an attempt to try to get these two wild ones to focus more on being sweeter to each other ....we started a Brotherly Love chart!  Every time they do something sweet and loving towards the other, we write it down.  Once they get 20 things on the chart...we are getting pizza and ice cream for dinner!  It is really nice to focus on their little acts of love and to have it written down.  It is easy to forget the good and just think of the referee moments, but we have some pretty super sweet boys!
Well....I am just loving these boys and the memories we are making!  Nothing too exciting, no extravagant vacations...but just enjoying the daily gifts that the Lord has given us and eachother!

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  1. you amaze me Nikki! I love you so much and love watching you raise your boys! Love you to the moon!