Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Geeze...no new posts!  Can you tell I am back to work?  Even the couple of hours I work a day have turned our daily routine up side down!  But with that being said...the fun hasn't even come close to stopping and we love each and every second that we all share together!
To say that I love the holidays is pretty much the biggest understatement EVER!  I am a holiday FREAK!  So, the holiday crafts and lesson have been a-flowing over here as we prepare for Halloween!  Who knows if I will get to a part 2 of posting our holiday preparations, but, I figured I better post what I have now...when I have a second. 
1.  We are trying to grow pumpkins in our very own pumpkin!  We got this great idea from a darling Mama I know!  We had a blast doing it and of course the world's Best Dada got involved!  I am hoping I have a better orange thumb then I do green! YIKES
2.  We made Halloween bracelets out of pipe cleaners and chocolate cheerios!!!  YUMMY!
3.  We turned our door into Knock Head!
4.  Mama and Tubby decorated a pumpkin we took seeds out of to make pumpkins from!  Yummy and cute and Wes is the best helper ever!
5.  DEM BONES DEM BONES!  We watch a couple videos from youtube and made our own skeletons out of Q-tips! 

6.  Mama got her nails done....Halloween style!  Thanks Grammy!
7.  And of course we started hitting up those pumpkin patches!  Many more to come!
So as we continue on with the holidays...I hope I am able to post more and more about the excitement of this time of year!  SO BLESSED to be making memories with the most amazing boys in the world!

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