Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wesson Lee is 17 months old!!

17 months…oh Tubba! You are holding strong at around 25 pounds and pushing on the seams of 18 month clothes. Oh and those size five shoes are on their last leg too! You are funny! You are sweet! You are smart! You are loved! You love ...kisses, grapes, tomatoes, ice cream, Smoothies, Mama (such a mama’s boy), snuggling, dancing, balls, playing outside, reading, singing in the microphone, imitating your brother, sweeping the kitchen, climbing on everything!, shoes, cars, Batman, Tupperware, painting, chalk, WATER, walking through messes, popcorn, water, NURSING, throwing ANYTHING, helping with the laundry, cleaning the table, football, being held ALL THE TIME, swinging, and drinking out of a straw. Your new words are blue, bubbles, cow, moo, OOOOO, and yelling MA all the time! But the words you cant say you point and scream for or Waylon proudly tells us. You do however, only talk when you WANT to! You are not my little performance monkey! Everything is on your own terms. You have gotten THREE more teeth this month and two more are getting ready to pop through! So, you are up to seven shiny teeth. You seem to have a constant bruise on your head from chasing after your Brother and tripping over your own two feet but you are OH SO TOUGH! You have a smile that melts my heart and a laugh that brings so much joy into our home. Thank you for being you my precious Bug-A-Lug! What a remarkable baby you are! I know the Lord is going to do GREAT things with you!

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