Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tub A Lub is 18 months!!

Already?  Geeze Buddy!  1.5 years old!  I can't believe that I have had you in my arms for that long!  You really are just so precious, sweet, snuggly,, smart, a bit shy, funny, physical and inquisitive!  I love you more than you will every know and being your Mama is my greatest blessing!  God sure is showing off with you!
So at 18 months.... 33 inches and 24 pounds.  18 month clothes and size 5 shoes!  You have a ton of hair and are just so stinkin cute!  EVERYONE thinks so !  YOU ARE PERFECT!
What's new with you these days?
You eat great with a fork and spoon.
You are the world's worst teether!  IT IS A MIGHTMARE!
You are are fighting a cold now but you have still yet to be on antibiotics!  THANK YOU JESUS!
You are a nursing machine!  Come on Tubby!!
You say Num Num Num when you like what you are eating.
You LOVE Mike from Monsters Inc.
You love to Splash in the water.
You FINALLY sleep through the night....unless you are teething!
You talk more and more all the time including ouch, owl, A, Papa, boob, and many more!
You know all your body parts and are learning your colors.
You are a MAMA'S BOY!
You love to play cars.
When you don't want to do something; you fold your arms across you tummy and say NO NO NO NO!
You would snuggle all day long!
You are great at throwing and kicking a ball.
You always take off your shoes and socks and hate long sleeves...just like Dada!
You like to paint.
You cry almost every morning when Mama leaves for work!  (i'm only gone 2.5 hours!)
You love to dance to music and pretend sing along.  Get it Tubby!
You are low key and super sweet....but you will bite Waylon if you get upset.
When you want will look at Mama or Dada and blow a kiss!
We are just so proud of you tubby!  You make EVERY day better by being a part of it!! 
Wes:  Mama loves you more than anything, you are my everything!

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