Tuesday, November 9, 2010

8 MONTHS?!?!? There is NOOOO way!

8 MONTHS!  Wow....that totally flew by.  To think that I was knowingly pregnant for eight months is absolutely insane.  You see, those eight months of being pregnant were the longest eight months in my life.  And now, the eight months that have gone by since Waylon was born have been the fastest.  Every day is an adventure filled with laughter and watching our mini-man discover something new.
Waylon's Eight Month Stats
Weight:??  Our scale broke so TBD...I am going with HEAVY!
Height: 30.5 Inches
Clothing size: 12-18 months
Shoe Size: 4
Diaper Size 4

So, what has Waylon been up to this past month....
- Well...he hasn't been up to getting any teeth!  That's right, Waylon is still showing off his gums every time he flashes that studly smile.
- He loves music and he loves to dance.  We don't watch a lot of TV in front of Waylon so a lot of music is being played in our house.  If Waylon is sitting down, we will sway back and forth to the music and bounce his head.  If he is in his walker, he will dance by moving all around.  My favorite though, is when he gets up in a bear crawl and just shakes his little butt!  Adorable!
- He is a big fan of reading.  Despite the fact that I pretty much hate to read, I know how important it is to introduce it to our son at an early age.  Derrick and I have been reading to Waylon since he was 8 weeks old.  And, I think it has paid off.  He loves to be read to and even look at books by himself.  His current favorites are the Toy Story 3 ones and The Big Yawn. 
- He is a screacher and a talker!  He can now blab "ba, ba, ba" over and over again.  (Come on Waylon...how hard is it to say Ma, Ma, Ma??)
- As of Sunday, November 7th, 2010, Waylon can now pull himself up and also walked from one end of the couch to the other!  YIKES....he is going to be a walker in no time.  What happen to my baby?

- He LOVES to give kisses!!  Big, Open mouthed, wet kisses.  The funny thing is, he adores his Daddy but he will not give him kisses.  Me however, he will practically try to make out with.  And, according to his Grandma, he spends Thursdays chasing around his cousin, Gianna, trying to lay one of her.  Here is a picture of them on Halloween puckering up!  Hey, at least he has good taste!

- He is going through a little bit of an attachment stage.  He still is fine with being dropped off in the morning but once I pick him up in the afternoons...he is quite the cling-on.  If I try to put him down on the ground or to sleep in his crib he just cries.  While I absolutely love this most days because there is nothing I would rather do than hold my baby while he sleeps it does make it hard to get the daily chores done.  Oh well, the dishes don't put themselves away so I guess they will still be waiting for me when I get around to them.
- He is not the biggest fan of the sippy cup BUT he loves to have a drink out of an adult water bottle.  And, he does it pretty well.  Even if he has his sippy cup in his hands, he will reach out for the water bottle if I am drinking out of it.  HILARIOUS.
Some firsts for Waylon....
- He went to the golf course for this first time this past month.  Sure...it was just for brunch but I am sure this is a place he will be spending a lot at with his daddy in the future.

- He got to go to the BIG BIG BIG FRESNO FAIR!  Unfortunately, he couldn't really enjoy the best of the fair that much....the food...so he slept through most of it!
-He got his feet dirty for the first time while playing in his walker outside!
- He has his first sleep over at Grammy and Papa's house.  Derrick and I went to a wedding in Vegas for some awesome friends of ours and had to leave our Mini-Man behind.  I think Waylon was fine with it but I was devastated!  I missed him terribly but it was so nice to be able to walk with my hubby, hold his hand, and just be a couple for a night.  Here he is saying Good Bye!
- He went on his first trip to the pumpkin patch.  I think he was more interested in the hay than the pumpkins! 
-Waylon celebrated his first Halloween as the Mini-Monster.  We were lucky enough to have all four of his Grandparents over for the holiday.  One of the biggest blessings we have is our family.  Waylon loves his Grandma, Grandpa, Grammy and Papa.  He is one loved and spoiled little guy.
-And lastly, Waylon went to his first girlfriend's birthday party!  HEHE!  Yes, we joke that Waylon's girlfriend is a the darling daughter of our friends Christy and Daniel.  Of course, they have no idea but it is fun for us Moms.  Here is Waylon all ready to party. 

Word really cannot express the amount of love I feel for my special little boy.  Our lives gladly revolve around our little eating, farting, laughing, dancing, and crawling love machine!  I know that many parents get all wrapped up in what their child can do and when they were able to do it, if they are advanced or not, and all of that.  But for me, there are two things I am concerned about right now.  Is Waylon happy?  And is he healthy?  By the fat rolls on his thighs and arms and the sounds of his laughter ringing in my ears....I have to say....Waylon must be doing really good! 

Thank you Jesus, for providing us with so much joy and excitement in the form of our Mini-Miracle!  We are so undeserving but so very blessed and fortunate!

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