Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful THANKSGIVING DAY Thursday

Well....I really have so much to be thankful for the Thanksgiving!  I have been overwhelmed this year with the blessings that I have in my life.  I am so happy, so loved, and so excited for what the Lord has in store for us...but the truth is....I can't imagine it could be better than what we are living right now.

Anyway....this THANKSGIVING I am most thankful for...

1. My boys!  Nothing has ever or will ever take the place of these two.  They are my everything.

2. Time...the time we have had this week, just the three of create memories and enjoy each other's company.  To see my Mini-Man experience new things, like holding a star fish,

and to have nothing to do but hold my hubby's hand in the car while we drove down to San Diego!  Awww.....I love my life.
3.  Our families at home that we are lucky enough to live by and get to see throughout the entire year...
not just on holidays.
4.  That Waylon knows what "kisses" means and that I got to spend my Thanksgiving afternoon receiving kisses from both my favorite boys while they teamed up on mommy!
5. My marriage!

We celebrated our second wedding anniversary on Monday and I feel very lucky to be more in love with my husband every day!
6.  The fact that Waylon has been a Mommy's Boy this past couple weeks!  I figure, as time goes by, and Waylon starts to understand that his Dad is the cool one who will play all the sports with him and do all the "guy" activities, I better really enjoy this time.  So yes, my house is a mess and no, I haven't done laundry.  I have been busy holding my baby while he sleep since he cries every time I put him down.  I don't care if  I am creating bad habits....I have the rest of my life to do dishes and laundry and at some point, he won't want me to hold him while he sleeps!
7.  The lady who was sitting behind us at dinner tonight (Waylon loved her and was crying until she put out her hands to hold him) and who held Waylon so I was able to eat my dinner!  Now that is a Thanksgiving treat!
8.  Coach tennis shoes!  I hate Nike's and all other sports shoes so I am glad Coach came out with some awesome tennis shoes for me to wear so I didn't have to wear heels at all these amusement parks this week.
9.   Nonfat white mochas!
10.  The Christmas season officially being here!  I am so ready!  The tree is up and as soon as we get home tomorrow....the rest of it will be going up too.  I can't believe that I am a parent this Christmas and get to help Santa plan out everything for Waylon's first Christmas.  I am excited to walk the Christmas lights with our families, read the story of our Saviors birth to Waylon, celebrate with our families, spend time with our dear friends, create new memories and new traditions, and to deliver Christmas gifts to children for our church that participates in the Angel Tree foundation.  EEEK!  Bring it on!

Thank you Jesus!  I love my life and all the gifts I have!  I had a lady tell me today that if I ever wondered how much God loved me, to just look at my Mini-Man!  Wow Jesus, I am so undeserving...thank you for loving me!

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