Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Life has a way of teaching us what  is really important and what we stand for.  It has a way of pointing out areas we are good at in our lives and things that we need to improve on.  Obviously, having Waylon has turned my entire life upside down.  There are some things that I still believe in with all my heart and some new concepts that had never even occurred to me before.  

SO what are some epiphanies I have had lately

I believe….

-In God’s miracles, His love, and His plan. Sometimes, I HATE that God’s plan is not my plan, but it is also so wonderful to know that there is someone else in charge who I can fully rely on who always knows what is best for my life.

- In telling people NO! Sometimes, you have to put yourself or your family first and while this isn’t always the easiest thing to do, it is sometime necessary.

- In marriage. (between a man and woman only too!...sorry if I upset you, but…this is my blog!)
I married a man who I adore, love, respect, believe in, and trust. I will spend the rest of my life with him and know that I will always have some body on my side. NO…not every day is perfect and YES…there are sometimes when forever seems like a very, very long time. But, at the end of the day, no matter how many times I have seen every episode of King of the Hill, I know that God created my husband just for me and I feel so blessed to have such a remarkable man to share my life with, to grow with and change with, and to live out all my dreams with. I love you hubby.

-In being a parent…and TOUGH LOVE!
I know that being a high school teacher is a huge advantage for me because I am learning daily what I should and should not do with Waylon during those dreaded years. I am here to tell you that there is no way in this whole while world, that I would ever….. be honest, I can't finish this sentence.  But, I do know that Waylon will  need someone to tell him no when he needs to hear it, chew his little butt when he deserves it, help him with his homework when he doesn't understand it, and to give him a hug when some stupid little, no good girl decides to break his heart.  And, I am so happy to be this person. I know that tough love may not always be the easiest and Waylon may not always like what I have to say to him.  But, I hope in the end, Waylon know that I always was pushing him to be the best he could be and always supported him in every way.
Oh and with parenting....I also believe that no one (not any so called expert or any other parent) knows your child as well as you do.  So, no matter what some book or website or friend tells you, use that gift that God gave you called "Motherly Instinct" and follow you gut.

-In having friends.

Like I have clearly stated, my husband is the best! BUT, there are just somethings a girl needs her friends for. I have been blessed with the most loyal and loving group of friends ever imaginable. And it is hard! Work, family and life get in the way of us seeing each other nearly as much as I would like. But, I know that those girls would be there for me at any second and I hope they know the same is true for them. Many of the best moments of my life have been spent with the ladies I love the most and I know each one of them has impacted me in a different way and helped me to grow into the woman that I am.

- In coupons!  I LOVE COUPONS!  I love searching for them, using them, and seeing what I save.  I love bragging about my savings and being able to spend grocery money in other areas of our life!  (I am still working on the saving part!)  I also love SALES!

-In planning things out!  And for the record...probably to a fault, it drives Derrick nuts.  I just like to know what I am doing and when I am doing it.  Makes me feel organized and that all I need to get done is manageable.  I am a is just what I do!  I like to have things sorted out way in advance and not have to stress about the details when things get closer.  For example, Christmas shopping and Waylon's first birthday party.  Oh yeah, they are already in the works!

- In laughing!  Laugh while you are at work and with those you love the most.  Oh and please...Only marry someone who makes you laugh when things get tough.   Life is never, ever going to always be easy and sometimes there is just nothing you can do about you might as well laugh about it.  And most importantly, laugh at yourself.

-Some quick ones....
I BELIEVE IN.....dessert, telling people how you feel, dressing up, wearing sweats, voting, taking responsibility for your own actions, getting ready when you leave the house, doing things people think you could never do, standing up for yourself, spoiling my child, expecting more of myself than I do of others and working hard to make my parents and hubby proud of me!

"Remember who you are and what you represent".  I love this quote and lately, this has been my daily goal!


  1. For the girl who doesn't like to write, this is really SOMETHING! Good job!!!