Saturday, December 11, 2010

9 Months! 3/4 of a year already!


I do!  I am so in love with our Mini-Man!  I can't get enough of him, his sounds, his laughter, his funny gestures and his kisses.  He is the best thing Derrick and I have ever done and he makes our lives so unimaginably good!  He is perfect and wonderful in every way...and each day that passes (in record time) he is growing, changing and learning something new.  He is our biggest blessing and the part of our lives that was missing that we didn't even know was missing.
So ....NINE MONTHS!  3/4 of a year?!?!?  I will be honest...I hate that he is getting so old so fast!  I don't know why I feel this way...but I just do!  The good news is....we are creating wonderful memories each and every day, so here are some of the highlights from this month!
- Christmas preparation started early at our house and of course, we included Waylon in everything from decorating (inside and out) to shopping! 
He will be an awesome wrapper in no time too.
- Way can now zip around the couch and has started letting go and turning around from it as well.  He has acquired MANY bruises this month but all in preparation of getting those all star legs ready!  And don't worry...he is TOUGH!!  He likes to literately DIVE off the couch and then laugh!   Goodness gracious....doesn't he know...Mommy isn't laughing.  He will get behind his cart and push it clear across the room. 

He also likes to pull himself up on the cage that we have around the tree and poke his little fingers through it just to get a small touch of the tree!

 Oh, and to get in the fridge of course!  Shoot...maybe he can start making dinner soon!  Now...that would be awesome!
-FYI... It is possible to lose your baby in your own house!  We spent a few minutes last week searching for the Mini Man to find he had gone through our bedroom into our bathroom and was searching in one of the drawers!  If he is this FAST crawling...I am terrified to see how fast he can move when he can walk.
- He says Ga Ga Ga Ga and tries to say hi too!  NO, he still is not saying Ma Ma Ma Ma yet?  Doesn't he know who carried him in her womb for nine months?!??!  Come on Mini Man!
- He is an extremely awesome clapper and he loves to wave good bye!  EEEK!
- HE LOVES TO READ!  So, I had one of my most proud "Mommy" moments this month at Joann's Fabric when we were waiting in a long line.  I busted out one of Waylon's most favorite books and started reading to him.  He was such a good boy and was following along.  You should have heard the other parents oohing and aahing about how their kids would have never done that!  Oh I baby is the best!  Seriously though...he loves books, he will often pick a book over a toy, and I always keep one in the diaper bag.  He will even pretend read (it is hilarious how his tone is completely different while reading) to me for quite a long time!  Maybe my son is the next Einstein?!?!  His favorite books are The Big Yawn, Toy Story's New Friends and Knock Knock, and The Christmas Story!  Maybe starting to read to him daily at two months really will pay off!?
-  He also does have something in common with Mommy...he loves clothes!!  He loves to help us sort the laundry and even eat his socks!  (I don't enjoy the last part)!
- He can still squeeze into size 12 month clothes but is a bit more comfy in 18 months!  He wears size 4 shoes and size 5 diapers!
- He is trying more and more foods these days but still loves nursing too!  Some of his new favorites...blueberries and spinage!!  No wonder I practically turned into Popeye while I was pregnant!
- We went on our first family vacation this past Thanksgiving week to San Diego.  Waylon got to see all the animals at the San Diego Zoo,

Sea World, 
and Wild animal park
up close and personal.  His favorite was defiantly the turtles!  But he just adored the big fish tanks too!  (He loves Papa's fishes so we were expecting this!  But...after our trip...I think Papa might need to upgrade!)   It was nice to just get away and to enjoy our little family!  Two of my favorite highlights....Waylon got to touch a starfish and we got to see some of our most fabulous family friends for dinner!
-This might be more of a confession...but Derrick and myself are big time gamers!  I got hooked on Call of Duty Modern Warefare 2 while I was pregnant and picked right back up with it when the Black Ops came out!  We of course like to unwind with a little gaming at night and Waylon likes to play along right with us!  Here is a pic of the boys gaming!
- He got his first two teeth....practically at the same time but I felt the first one the morning of November 16th!  And he was such a trooper!
- Oh and I think he has a farting talent that is from out of this world!

Waylon Lawrence are the highlight of every single one of our days!  We didn't even know that loving someone this much was possible.  You make every part of our lives better.  It is our goal in life to make sure you are happy and know just how loved you are.  No one has ever been loved more!  God certainly was showing off when he created are our everything!  We are so thankful for all your kisses, smiles, and snuggles!  We love you Mini Man/Mister!!

Psalm 127:3
Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.

You Waylon, will forever be...our greatest gift from God!

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  1. You are so amazing Nikki. My my how we have grown since high school :) It's it amazing how much our lives have changed! What a great blog, I really enjoy it!