Monday, May 21, 2012

Love and Marriage

This past weekend, I experienced one of the greatest privileges in the world.  My best friend asked me to be her Matron of Honor in her wedding.  And on top of that, our precious Mini Man got to be her ring bearer.  Now, I have always loved fairy tales, weddings and happily ever afters.  Lindsay's wedding was beautiful, sincere, exciting, and truly, she looked like she stepped right out of magazine.  It was so amazing to see that she had finally found her very own prince charming and to be a part of this huge step into the next stage in her life. 

She got married at New Hope Community Church.  This is the same place the Hubby and I tied the knot too.  Standing up there, really got me thinking.

  We have now been married three and half year (I think this still makes us newlyweds) and has really changed and the Lord has blessed us more than I could ever have imagined.  I am really lucky, I am married to a man I couldn't imagine my life without.  He makes every day of my life better by being a part of it.  Derrick and I are like night and day, which is probably why we work, but I know the Lord created him just for me.  He is strong, he ALWAYS has my back, he loves me when I don't deserve it, he is forgiving, he is funny, he is low key, and he is a remarkable  and completely involved daddy.  He lifts me up when I need it and never puts anything else before me!  I couldn't imagine being with anyone else for the rest of my life.  And raising these boys...there isn't a better man in the world to be the father on our boys.  Mini is just like his daddy too!  And, I wouldn't have it any other way!   

So for me...the BEST decision I have ever made in this to become Mrs. Derrick Pearce.   I am so thankful the Lord has given us each other and the gift of everlasting and unconditional love that we share.  We are not perfect, we fight, we get on each other's nerves...but we are real and the love we share is too.  We make each other better...I really believe that.  And with keeping GOD at the center of our marriage....I know we can survive anything!  LOVE NEVER FAILS!

I would marry DLP over and over and over again!  I wish this for my BEST friend and her new hubby too!

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