Saturday, May 12, 2012

Things I have learned from my Mama!

Today, I will be getting together with the women in my family to celebrate my Mama!  Anyone who knows my Mama, knows she is nothing short of a miracle worker.  She doesn't require sleep or feel pain...just make sure she has her coffee in the morning and at 3:00PM and she can move moutains.  Becoming a Mama, has made me appreciate my mom EVEN more!!  I am blessed to have the kind of mom that I talk to atleast 3 times a day, who is ALWAYS willing to give advice :), who has always put me first, and who will drop ANYHING if I need her!  I have so many special memories with her; going to park, reading at the library, her taking me to my first dance class, watching her make my prom dress, listening to her read my history homework to me, shopping for the perfect outfit for 49ers interviews, doing mission trips in Mexico, creating clothes and bedding for my precious boys, and going to get our toes and nails done AGAIN so they would be perfect for when I gave birth. 
As I get older....I am daily turning more and more into her!  And, that is totally fine with me!  I recently read a quote that motivated me....
"Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring and integrity...they think of you"!  This is my Mama !!  I can only hope to be half the Mom to my kids as she has been to me!  I don't think she will ever know how much I love her and appreciate her!   So of course, my Mom has taught me how to read, put on make-up, and all the other daily tasks.  But, here are some very important lessons she has taught me, through words or actions, that have carried me through more difficult times!

Things I learned from my Mama...
1. Sometimes you have to do what you don't want to do .
2. People will treat you as bad as you let them.
3. Buy a cute outfit...if you feel will do good.
4. You can be BOTH smart and pretty.
5. You ALWAYS stand up for your kids, husband, and family.
6. Have an opinion! Share it and mean it!
7. Give to others more than they would give to you.
8. If you are gonna do it right
9. You have to be a friend to have friends
10.  There are worse things then being single.
11. You can always accomplish more than you think you can .
12. If you can't be the best, be the cutest.

Thank you Mama for all you have shown me, taught me, and how you have ALWAYS believed in me and pushing me!  You have been the perfect example of being the Mama of a family and I hope to do the same in mine! 

 And now, thank you for being the most amazing Grammy and loving my boys so much!  It is true...
"The only thing better than having you as a that my kids get to have you as a Grammy!" 

We couldn't do it without you!  You may never know just how much my boys just adore their Grammy!  I hope today and always, you are so loved, so appreciated and so special!! 


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