Wednesday, May 23, 2012

And the MAGIC letter of the day is P's magic letter at the PEARCE house was P!  We started by looking at a letter P and discussing what sound it makes.  Then we went about our day!

This morning we PICKED up our trucks and then PLAYED with PRESLEI.  This afternoon, we made PINK, strawberry cookies to snack on!

And a PUPPET PIG with PINK, triangle ears, two circular eyes, and a pink, square nose! 
We discussed how the PIGGY is PINK, says Oink-oink, and lives on a farm! 

On the other side of the piggy....we wrote some of our other favorite "P" words! 

Finally, we PRAYED before digging into our snack! 

This was a lot of fun to carry the theme all day through our cooking and craft!  What a fun and SUPER SMART Mini Man I have!

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