Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer, Week 3

Well, this has been a crazy week.  But on this blog I want to focus on the blessings that took this place this week.  I am just continuously amazed at how awesome my boys are and how lucky I am to be their Mama!  They are truly are greatest gifts and we don't take them for granted one bit!  We love you little Tubba-Wubba-Bugga-Lugga and our precious Mini Man!
This week Waylon continued learning how to write his name.  The letter 'a' is a bit tougher for him that W was but he is getting it and he sure has his W down!
We worked on it not only on paper but on our paint sun catchers.  Waylon always asks us what does "blue and yellow make"?  So, I made all the combinations of the primary colors and let him mix them together.  With Cars of course.  Bug got in on the action too!  They are still up and we are using them at writing tools now!  Double lesson with one prep!  BOOYAH!
Wesson mastered 3 more cards this week; shoes, balloons and cars.  We are still working on 'green leaf and two bunnies'.
He also said poop and shoes for the first time this week.  AND learned how to give bumps after a high five!!!!
We played with some of our favorite friends Hudson and Autumn this week!  They have a beautiful backyard full or fun and the kids got down in a dance party!
The boys and I got out of the house early one morning and spent some gift cards at Starbucks.  While Way sipped his whole milk and I enjoy my white mocha, we read from the bible and focused on God's amazing promising!  God is so good!
Oh and Way also did some bible study in the bath tub!  (or maybe he was just looking for some "me" time away from brother!)
Wesson slept through this night one night this week....but unfortunately, Way was an itchy iguana that night so we were still up a bit!  Just love my little cover stealers!
Dada and I took the boys to the 3D Monster's University!  This was a HUGE deal in our house and they boys name it until the last 10 minutes!  Getting big!  Super cute movie and a great family date!  (Especially since we had movie tickets!!)
Waylon spent one morning with Grandma for Aunt Nancy's while he was away, I spent some special one-on-one time with my baby bug!
Isn't Way just the coolest and cutest date ever???  What a lucky grandma!
The boys helped Dada mow the lawn and get ready for the Open House.
We enjoyed a nice breakfast at the Red Caboose where they had a live singer and the boys danced together after they ate!!  Dancing and Biscuits and gravy...can't ask for much more than that!
We got a sneak peak of our Mini's photo shoot that will be the magazine on July 15th!  Love this pic and can't wait to see that Magazine!
What a great photographer Crystal is!  Just love how she captured such a special part of our Mini's personality!  What a stud!
We celebrated our Auntie Linds turning 30!  What an amazing friend and Auntie she is!  We just love her so much!
Oh and I had a moment comparing the differences and similarities between my two precious boys and 14 months!
Way on left, Wes on right!
I just an so thankful to be Noodle and Mama Pearce!  Enjoying EVERY single second with these two!!!

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