Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy 1/2 Birthday Baby Brother Bug-A-Lug

1/2 a year already!  THERE HAS GOT TO BE NO WAY! 
But you, my precious Bug-A-Lug are six months old and FULL of personality and love! 
I remember that with your brother...I absolutely loved this stage...and you are no different.  Well, your personalities are but not how much fun and excitement this age adds to each day!  You Bug, are so fabulous to be around each and every day!  You make my heart race and bring tons of smiles to my face!  Your Mama loves you more than ANYTHING!
Six Month Stats
Height: 27.75 inches
Weight: 19.8 pounds
Clothes Size: 12 months
Shoe Size: 2-3 months
Diaper Size: 4 are by far the sweetest, snuggliest and loving baby I have ever seen!  YOU LOVE TO BE HELD!
  You often sleep in somone's arms or in the Ergo!  You still sleep with Mama and Dada and you still wake up every night to eat!  I wish it was different since I am heading back to work in a couple days but honestly, I know this will pass and I love having you so close!  You are my super super snuggle Bug!  You rub my back and reach for my face when I nurse you.  You also love to nap and sleep with Big Brother too!
Waylon and you are getting closer and closer!  You adore him and he protects you!  LOVE IT!
At six months...
You are sitting up, (you are still not even close to cry when you are on your tummy and roll yourself back over!), Standing ALL the time, Laughing constantly
Reaching for EVERYTHING!  Especially my plate at dinner when I have you in my lap!
You are so well behaved!  You are happy as long as you are in my arms!   (or Dada's of course).  We take you EVERYWHERE!  My dentist appointments, the BIG BIG BIG Fresno Fair
Fresno State games,
 Mini's preschool trips and three different pumpkin patches,

 visiting your new friends,
spending time with Dada at work
 and dinners!
You had your first few nights away from Mama and Dada when we headed to Texas for the Bears VS Dallas game!  You stayed with Grammy and Papa and Grandma!  WE MISSED YOU LIKE CRAZY!  Don't worry....we wont be going anywhere again any time soon!
 You can also now Clap and High Five! :)
 You love to eat....mangos, peaches, blueberries, a little bit of rice now, and sweet potatoes.  You have also eaten a bit of soup, refried beans, and yogurt...all things you aren't suppose to be eating yet but seem to like and that don't upset your tummy!  The other night you had 3 helpings of fruit with rice mixed in for dinner!  GETTING BIG
 Wesson goo-goo and ga-ga all day and love to tell us all about it!  You only cry when you want to be held and are so easy going! 

 Mama took you out one afternoon and we took your six month pics!  Here are a few of our favorites!  You are so big and perfect!  Slow down Baby!

 I still cannot believe that the Lord picked us to raise you and love you!  We are the luckiest Mama and Dada and big brother in the world!  I pray each day that you find what the Lord has created you for and that you lead a life that is pleasing to Him.  I know he has BIG plans for our Baby Brother!  I can't wait to see what they are!  Thank you for showing Mama how perfect His creations can be and what is really important in this life...FAITH, FAMILY, AND FOOTBALL!  Love you my little Tuffy Guns...
From you your the tips of your perfect little TOES!
Oh and don't worry Baby Brother that we are on the count down to your first birthday..We have ALREADY started planning your BASH!!!

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