Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Girl!

So very happy with this amazing weather!  Spending time with my sweet and funny boys is always FAB ....

but being able to drink my coffee while eating our breakfast in the courtyard is the PERFECT way to start my day!  

Watching these two laugh, race, bump into each other, and be silly as Waylon swings Wesson around in his walker are hilarious and special moments that I have always dreamed of.  I have dreamed of being their Mama, long before I ever met them!  Never could I have imagined how amazing it would be!

Oh and I can't leave out playing with all the Halloween decorations!

We even got Daddy into it over the weekend and traced our whole family in the courtyard!  OH THE PEARCES!
And nothing beats a glass of wine in the back patio, after dinner, while both boys swing on the play set in the back yard!  Being there with all 3 of my boys...are my MOST amazing moments and honestly, I COULD NOT ASK FOR MORE!

Those smiles and giggles are my whole world!  I love them more than I ever knew was possible!  And, I DAILY thank the LORD for the life he has given me!  I definitely know that I don't deserve all I have! Being Derrick's wife and Waylon and Wesson's Mama.... makes me the LUCKIEST and HAPPIEST woman alive!


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