Friday, October 5, 2012

Mama and Dada are going to TEXAS.....

So football  is a BIG deal at the Pearce house!

I of course am a loyal and dedicataed BEAR fan and the Hub A LUB likes some other team called the cowboys! :)

So naturally, when the bears met the cowboys in the new Dallas stadium on MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL...the hubby was all over it! 
He talked me into leaving our precious boys on our first real vacation alone since our honeymoon!  TALK ABOUT NERVES!

So...after some coaxing (wine and xanax) I left a lot of my heart and our little loves with our parents in Fresno and boarded the plane with the love of my life!

I'm smiling but thinking OH SHIT!

We got in and headed straight to a steakhouse!  YUMMY! 

Oh and the food was good to!

Sunday, we EXPLORED! We visited the JFK museum which was a lot of fun for my history buff!

Oh the way up to the sixth floor!

Standing on the X where he was shot!
Checking it all out!

Then we headed back to the car and spotted this awesome post office from the 1840's!  LOVE things like that!

Then we headed for some more BBQ and ate a FAB lunch on a river!  Followed by a little Sunday stroll!
This was one of the things you take forgranted when you dont have babies!

We followed it up by headed to Stockyard in Fort Worth!  SO AWESOME!
Longhorns walking down the street


Old shops
and of course awesome Margaritas!  (this was a trend)!

Then we got to see our precious nephew and niece who just moved there with my brother and sister in law!  Special to get to see them in their new element!

After dinner, we went back to room and watched an ENTIRE movie!  If you are a parent...You know we haven't done this in 2.5 years!

Monday, before the game, we headed to the Texas State Fair!  IT WAS huge and CLEAN!  But, I have to be honest...the food didn't have anything on the BIG BIG BIG Fresno fair!
And we got to see BIG TEX!
After that, the gloves came off...IT WAS GAME TIME!

This is how Mama Pearce does Monday Night Football!  PS...those Texas women needs some heels...I know it is a game but COME ON! :)

The stadium was HUGE and unreal!
We were there before they even let us is us waiting to get frisked!

We walked around...grabbed a margarita (hehe)
tried to catch up with my old Gold Rush Sister who is now a DCC star...

bought Derrick a hat we left in the rent a car

and routed on our teams!  IT WAS ONE OF MY MOST FAVORITE NIGHTS WE HAVE EVER SHARED!  So much fun...
but hey....we cant ALL BE WINNERS!
Monday, we took a drive down to Austin...
But before we got there....we had THE BEST BBQ EVER!  At Clem Mikeskas!  (We even had it the next day too!!)  YUMMY
Saw the state capital
And ate some Mexican food for dinner in a small nearby town called Round Rock!  It was awesome!
Even though we had an AMAZING and much needed time away...THIS MAMA COULDN'T WAIT TO GET BACK TO MY BABIES!
I had a fabulous time with my man!  He is the perfect man for me and I think the Lord for him EVERY day!  BUT,  we won't be leaving again any time soon...this heart of my just can't take it!  Happy to be back home with all THREE of the men who share my heart and make each day REMARKABLE!  I am so blessed and live a life just FULL OF LOVE!!


  1. I'm so glad you guys had some alone time! So important to recharge sometimes!! You are such an amazing woman and mama!! Love you