Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Summer 2013, Week 8

A couple days late...but finally getting to writing about last weeks adventures.  It was a pretty busy week at home.


Wesson had his 15 months check up!  As we all know...HE IS PERFECT!  No, but he is really great!   He has some shots and the poor guy had a pretty tough couple of days.  He was up for some extra snuggles and lovins which his Dada and I were more than willing to share with him! 

You also had a tough time getting your legs to keep up with you, your batman cape, and your big brother outside one morning.  Giving you one BIG owie!  But big guy, you took it like  champ! 

Other than that he said three new words this week; dip, my and me.  You are still WAY into jumping and playing around! Oh and of course, hitting everything with a golf club, giving kisses, monster hugs and saying AHHH after every drink of water.

That Mini is always learning and cracking us up...but this past week he mastered Mama's phone number, area code included and has been asking Dada to watch "Hank and the Hill" all the time!  Just like Dada!  He also continued to work on sight words...adding he, my, and jump to words he recognizes.  We played this little sight word game too, where he matched the blocks with the words. 

We are also spending quite a bit of time working on our writing this week and we just can't believe how fast you are progressing. 

Both boys enjoyed a treasure hunt created by daddy through out our house!  Such great little pirates we have!  The loved their treats at the end too!

We went to the library and got some dinosaur books to learn some new cool info! (mama too)


We watch Dinosaur videos and song on the YouTube.

We had a sensory bin full of dinosaurs and the letter D to play in.

Waylon work on pattern identification with Dinosaur cards from the Kelloms.

The boys enjoy being paleontologist and digging the dinosaurs out of an iced cube.  Perfect for on HOT afternoon.

They made homemade PEPPERMINT playdough and then made fossils in the playdough.

They enjoyed using some Dinosaur stamps on eggs since that is where all dinosaurs came from. 

It was a lot of fun and it just always amazes me how much Waylon absorbs and learns!  Such a smartie!
Some other events this week....
We went on a walk

went and fed the ducks again
Wes went with Mommy to go get her nails done


We played at the park
Snuggled snuggled snuggled with Dada'
rode around in our cars

and just enjoyed being Team Pearce.


Couldn't be more blessed than I am to have these days with these boys!  GOD SURE IS GOOD!
This Wonder Woman is SO blessed to be married to Super Man and have Green Latern and Batman for sons!  LOL....I sure love my family!

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