Sunday, August 18, 2013 come down! Luke 19

So this lesson as totally inspired by my Mini.  We got a new CD a few weeks ago and this was one of the songs on it.
He sings it constantly.   He is always asking, "What does this song mean?"  So I thought I would tell him.  We started by praying that the Lord let us use Zaccheus' life to learn from.  Let it help us draw closer to God and become better Christians.

Next, We read his Bear Bible on Luke 19 which is about Zaccheus.  Then we watch this adorable video that I found on You Tube.

After we watched it, we talked about two major points.
1.  How God is friends with EVERYONE, even those who are not nice.
2.  How we  should give our sins to Jesus, so we can act in a way that is pleasing to him.

Next we made Zaccheus in a tree out of Toilet paper rolls, tissue paper and glue. 

Mini said that these were our finger puppets!  Hehe


We turned our his new favorite jam and sang it which dancing with our Zaccheus hand puppets!  (and somehow our Monsters. Inc. characters ended up in our trees too! ) Hehe...gotta love their imaginations!

Fun, improntu, and short lesson!!! Now, nap time! :)


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