Thursday, August 8, 2013

Growing and Learning

What a crazy Summer it has been?  One with some disappointments, set-backs, unwanted surprises and scares.  But, I am not complaining.  While this has been a summer full of some tears, some anxiety, some has also been a time of learning and growing with the Lord.  I have learned TWO gigantic lessons this summer.

1.  We have the best family and friends in the world.  We have had so many stand up for us, love on us, pray for us, provide for us, laugh with us and even cry for us.  And while I know we are in a tough time right now.....not only have we learned to fully rely and love on each other....we have learned to realize we have so many around us that will ALWAYS be there for us!  WE ARE GRATEFUL!  We know exactly what we NEED and HAVE to have....Each other! 
2.  Well....I have learned that the Lord will always be there.  I have realize that he uses these times to shape our hearts and grow our minds so we can be better people and Christians.  So we can hopefully be better demonstrators of him.  So I know God is using our happy times, our sad times, our difficult times, our easy times, our favorite memories, our darkest moments, our relaxing weeks and our busy weeks to remind us to trust in Him, to put Him first and to cling to Him through FAITH!

This summer has not been ALL bad anyway!  We have shared some exciting firsts with our boys, some special snuggles, some exciting surprises, some adventures with friends, and LOTS AND LOTS of LOVE! 

God is good ALL the time.  ALL the time, God is good!

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